YouTuber D’Angelo Calls Out Celebrities And Influencers Who Broke COVID Rules

While many of us are taking social distancing guidelines seriously during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some celebrities and influencers who aren’t. Some of them have even flaunted their irresponsible behavior on social media.

In a new video, YouTuber D’Angelo Wallace calls out several famous names who have ignored rules. The list includes everyone from the Kardashian-Jenner family to famous TikTokers and YouTube stars.

“I tried to be nice,” D’Angelo said at the start of the video. He considered not naming names, but decided he shouldn’t be “polite to people who can’t even find enough compassion within themselves to not endanger the lives of everyone around them.”

Read on to find out which celebrities D’Angelo called out in his video, and what he had to say about their behavior.

Celebrities Who Broke COVID Rules

Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner

In October of last year, Kim Kardashian held a birthday party on a private island with her “closest inner circle.” She said guests were required to have “multiple health screenings” before the event.


Later, Kendall Jenner held her own birthday party. Perhaps because of the backlash from Kim’s event, guests were asked not to post photos on social media. But pics still emerged, showing celebrities like Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, the Weeknd, and more.

“They were all in violation of very clearly outlined Los Angeles guidelines,” D’Angelo pointed out. The party was indoors, and no one was wearing masks or social distancing. He said the Kardashian-Jenner family had a “severe lack of awareness.” However, he added that they were the “least infuriating” of the stars he mentioned.

Lana Del Rey

The singer held a book signing for her latest poetry collection, and took photos close to fans. Lana also wore a mesh face mask during the event. She received backlash over the incident, and later responded by claiming the mask had plastic on the inside.

“Celebrity status does not exclude Lana Del Rey from responsibility,” D’Angelo said in his video. “Especially because this is a responsibility to do simple things that stop people from dying.”

The Chainsmokers & Rita Ora

The Chainsmokers held a charity concert in the Hamptons where fans ended up ignoring social distancing rules and congregating at the front of the stage. The Department of Health launched an investigation, and the promoters were fined $20,000.


D’Angelo also called out singer Rita Ora for her birthday party celebration at a London restaurant. She later released an apology for the incident, but it was later reported that Rita had just returned from Egypt before the gathering, and didn’t self-isolate.

“At what point does it just not get embarrassing?” D’Angelo asked, pointing out that Rita allegedly paid the restaurant to allow them to have the party.

TikTok Stars

D’Angelo describes many of these TikTok stars “unhinged adults with no capacity for empathy and no care for human life.” He pointed out how dangerous their behavior can be, considering how many young people watch their videos.

Examples included members of the influencer collective Hype House, some of whom (like Larray) threw parties during the pandemic. D’Angelo said these stars are “turning Los Angeles into a COVID hotspot.”

Another collective, called Sway House, has also broken rules. Bryce Hall’s birthday party, which had over 100 guests, was broken up by police. D’Angelo also called out Charli D’Amelio’s family for taking her on vacation to the Bahamas. He said these people “should be ashamed of themselves.”

YouTube Stars Breaking COVID Rules

D’Angelo said he was “livid” over his fellow YouTubers’ behavior during the pandemic. He said they’re “valuing views over human life.” Examples include NELK, whose gathering of over 1,000 people was broken up by police.

The video also calls out Jake Paul, who filmed a music video with maskless crowds and later spread COVID conspiracy theories. “They’re choosing to be stupid,” D’Angelo said of these internet stars.


Other examples of YouTubers who broke rules include the Vlog Squad and Doctor Mike, who made D’Angelo “the angriest.” Doctor Mike was caught at a yacht party after making videos about preventing COVID.

D’Angelo explained that this was a very personal issue for him, as both of his grandparents contracted COVID-19 and thankfully recovered. “You need to do whatever it is you need to do to fix yourself so that you can become somebody who cares,” he said.

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