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For a long time Celebrities who are not divorced have no news, and it is easy for people to see that celebrities are easy to divorce.

Just like the happiness index and divorce rate, although physicians are a popular profession at the moment, there is no statistical rule that doctors, teachers, and civil servants live longer than others, and there is no data to support that the divorce rate of civil servants is lower than that of other classmates of the same age. Therefore, occupation does not determine happiness and unhappiness .

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

The same is true for celebrities. Celebrities are also people. Celebrities are not necessarily happier than others, but they are not necessarily less happy than ordinary people. Therefore, the probability of divorce of celebrities is also within the national average. Celebrities are easy to get divorced because of you, me, and the general public as well .

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

Until 2020, the divorce rate has been on the rise. Almost every 3 marriages in the country will have 1 divorce. In some places, these two figures have reached the level of “approximately equal”. Divorce can be described as commonplace.

It was only after the implementation of the “cooling-off period” in 2021 that the number of divorces showed a downward trend year-on-year. For the actual divorce rate, please see here, “Why are more and more people getting divorced? “For every 10 colleagues around, how many are divorced? “.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

Therefore, the biggest reason why celebrities are easy to divorce is that the divorce rate in the country is very high , not only for celebrities, but for ordinary people.

A random example is as follows. For example, in Zhengzhou in 2019, for every 72 couples who got married, 46 couples divorced.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

For every 72 couples married in Zhengzhou, 46 couples get divorced. Is this not an exaggeration? Of course, you will only hear the news of the divorce of these 46 couples, but you will not ask the 72 couples who are not divorced.

For example, in a market economy environment, everyone protects their own interests, knows how to talk about wages and protect their money and property, but you are naturally sad when everyone says, “You are a good person.” In fact, everyone is rich, why are you being brought out to be the focus of attention now? Because you are usually upright and upright, others think that you should not be so rich.

Everyone is rich, but the spotlight hits your face at the moment, it is just a star effect. Celebrities are easy to get divorced because there are a lot of people getting divorced in society, and the divorce rate is very high. This is the most basic reason.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

The counter-example is starting a business. Someone succeeds in starting a business, and soon another person raises tens of millions of dollars, and then a relative of oneself also makes a fortune in business, so everyone thinks that starting a business is easy, at least 50% probability. In fact, the entrepreneurial success rate in 2018 was only 2%. This is the number of the Bureau of Statistics. Later, the Bureau of Statistics quickly deleted the action. Wu Xiaobo’s statistics in that year were that the entrepreneurial success rate was only 1%. .

You only see successful startups, but you don’t see most of those who failed in business, lost everything, were heavily in debt, or even broke down. In fact, Lao Lai is everywhere. As you grow older than 30 years old, you will find that many of your classmates have become Lai Lai, mainly those who fail to start a business.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

Of course, for example, for every 3 couples who get married in the country, 1 couple gets divorced, then the divorce ratio is 33%, and the ratio of celebrities may be slightly higher, such as around 40%, which is 7 percentage points higher. It is the secondary factor that makes stars easy to divorce, and it is also an industry characteristic.

Why do we need marriage as a person? Who needs marriage more? Everyone sees a summary of a certain time in my group, and it is also a comment on another piece of chicken soup.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

Celebrities are men and women who are rich and easy to make money.

Male stars are naturally wealthy men, they need marriage very much, and even need multiple children, and marrying female stars with equal economic foundations, naturally, they must abide by the moral constraints of the end. Therefore, from both the physical and social perspectives of male stars, once they get divorced, they will have the opportunity to find the next wife, have a baby, and have many children and grandchildren.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the current richest man in the world, Musk, who is not a star but is better than a star. I can predict that this person will not have less than 5 marriages in his life and will not have less than 10 children. Look at the deceased Macau gambling king, you can look at his marriage and children.

Male stars are not as rich as they are, but they are still rich, so it is natural to move closer to them. Therefore, the pursuit of multiple marriages by male stars is inevitable in terms of physiology, society and wealth. This can be ranked as the second biggest factor in the easy divorce of celebrities . Cheating, knowing time management, etc., are just the beginning of their pursuit of the next woman, which has become a clue of divorce, also called foreplay.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

Looking at the female stars, female stars belong to wealthy women. According to the judgment and description of the screenshots, wealthy women have less urgent desire for marriage, and the threshold for points of interest is relatively high. Unmarried female stars are also young girls, and they often overestimate the benefits of marriage. So once they find something wrong after marriage, they will go back on it.

For women, the main appeal of marriage is to read “Women, What Do You Want?” “Woman, what do you need? “, women mainly want three things: a certain material basis, a sense of security, and romantic feelings. When all three are gone, women will naturally give up marriage. Conversely, rich women are more likely to own these three, “I am a wealthy family”, so the pursuit of marriage is not so urgent at this time, or even unnecessary.

This is also the reason why many high-income and high-income women in Kochi are prone to not marry. Once women A cannot find A men with equal power and A+ men who should but do not exist, it is understandable that they do not choose marriage. It’s a truth to apply to female stars. Female stars do not have high demands for marriage, which is the third reason why star couples are prone to divorce .

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

In the era of high housing prices, real estate has constraints on both husband and wife. Because the house is too expensive, it may be possible for the two of them to work together, and it takes six wallets each to buy a decent house. Therefore, in the past, it was said that the child was unwilling to divorce for the sake of mutual love, but in fact, there will be one more in the future, that the two parties are unwilling to divorce for the greatest common property of both parties.

It’s very simple, leave this house, you ordinary people go and buy another one, you can’t buy it together. Therefore, even though one spouse says “Get out” many times to the other, the one who is told will not leave, and it is ignored. Even if they leave for a few days, they will come back automatically because the house is too expensive. Didn’t it cost you millions?

Therefore, high housing prices actually have a certain promotion effect on protecting marriage and preventing divorce.

However, today we are talking about celebrities. Husband celebrities and wife celebrities each have money. They even have villas in their names, not to mention small houses. Anyone can live without each other. The house is almost non-binding for celebrity couples, so celebrities are more likely to get divorced than ordinary people. Look at Zheng Shuang, he’s not a big star. He earned 100-200 million a year before committing the crime, and he lives in a 100 million mansion in Shanghai. Do you think she lacks a house from a man? No shortage. You can do it yourself.

Therefore, high housing prices are not a hindrance factor for celebrities to divorce, but it is similar to a promotion. “I have a villa by myself”, which is easy to divorce, and has become the fourth major factor for celebrities to divorce easily .

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

This is a bit like a joint-stock cooperative company, where each party holds 50% of the shares, and the two parties compete against each other in the operation. If things go on like this, the conflicts will intensify, and a breakup is inevitable. Therefore, the contradiction between the respective studios, agents, and company teams of celebrity couples is the fifth reason why celebrities are prone to divorce .

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

It must be said that the sixth major reason should be caused by the star’s acting career. Each has its own schedule, which leads to long-term separation. This is the normal state of star couples.

Whether it is a star wife or a star husband, as long as he takes on the show, he will join the drama group. Once he joins the group, it will be at least two months, and at most, he will not be able to go home for half a year or even longer.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

The husband and wife have been separated for a long time, and the relationship will naturally fade after a long time. It is also easy to form a new love in the past few months, and the temptation is constant, especially the opposite sex.

On the other hand, if one party is a star, and the other party is a full-time wife and doesn’t have to go to work, then it is easy to have an affair, and Baoqiang is recruited.

Why do celebrities get divorced easily?

In addition, there are many more, especially the contradictions that ordinary people are more likely to ferment in celebrities, such as mutual suspicion, inability to understand each other, relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, relationship between husband and wife, conflicts in circles, robbery by girlfriends, resource disputes, etc. It is easier to I can’t figure it out, it’s a mess…

The above only answers the question of why celebrities are easy to divorce. I believe it is different from other versions, but I answer everyone with the essence, just like my other articles. It sounds bad, you read this article “Why Parents Don’t Want to Wear Masks? “, the essential reason is scary and self-evident.

Finally, I wish friends and readers a sweet life, whether married or unmarried!

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