Why Bad Bunny Had The Best Celebrity Wrestling Match Ever (& 5 Greater Alternatives)

After plenty of build-up and development, Bad Bunny got the chance to make his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 37. Working alongside Damian Priest, they picked up the victory against The Miz and John Morrison. The duo was an impressive team, with Bad Bunny, in particular, putting in an unforgettable performance.

He was one of the standout performers of the night, and as far as celebrity performances go, it was one of the greatest in history. Bad Bunny’s gained huge praise for what he was able to put together, but was his performance the greatest celebrity match of all time or are there greater alternatives?

10 Bad Bunny: Mastered The Basics

Bad Bunny at WrestleMania

Mastering the basics might not seem like something that would make Bad Bunny a great wrestler, but the fact is that a lot of celebrity matches lack them. Making his moves look legitimate, mixing in submission holds and other offensive moves, and working in-ring psychology isn’t as easy as it might seem on paper.

Some people think this is a simple situation, but it’s not. Bad Bunny more than held his own throughout the match, putting in a large bulk of the work and not relying upon Damian Priest too much.

9 Greater Alternative: Mr. T

mr-t wm

Being able to compete at WrestleMania brings a certain level of pressure for anyone, but main eventing the original ‘Mania is even more important. That is what Mr. T got to do, and he worked a great performance throughout the match.

He brought the right amount of star power, performance, and wrestling ability. He wasn’t overly flashy, but everything he did in his WWE appearances was solid, which led to him being a great celebrity performer.

8 Bad Bunny: Attention To Detail

Bad Bunny facing The Miz

Details are crucial in professional wrestling, which is why people like Randy Orton or The Revival are widely acclaimed. However, celebrities aren’t often known for the smaller notes, mainly because they don’t put that focus on those details.

However, right from the start, it was clear that Bad Bunny was going to be different. Holding the tag team rope at the start of the match was only a small detail a lot of fans may have missed, but it’s something hardcore fans absolutely loved.

7 Greater Alternative: Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor is another celebrity who got the chance to compete at WrestleMania, only he had the pressure of actually main eventing the show. The footballer put on a great effort against Bam Bam Bigelow, really holding his own in the ring.

He showed great power and strength throughout his match, and more than held his own throughout the match, proving what a talent he is. While he wasn’t hitting highflying moves like Bad Bunny, he was a powerhouse and did a great job of it.

6 Bad Bunny: Commitment To The Storyline

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest at WrestleMania 37

A lot of celebrities like to come into WWE for a major storyline, put on a quick match, and then disappear. They won’t be around for a lot of the build-up either, letting the wrestler involved do a lot of the legwork for it.

That wasn’t the case for Bad Bunny. Since the Royal Rumble, he has been a consistent presence on Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis. His commitment to the storyline and making this as interesting as possible is one of the core reasons fans were so invested right from the opening bell.

5 Greater Alternative: Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell at All IN

Stephen Amell got to work a tag team match with WWE at the 2015 SummerSlam, but that’s not the best example of his work. The popular actor is a major wrestling fan and he got to compete on one of the most exciting wrestling cards in history with ALL IN.

The precursor for AEW had Amell in one of the featured matches as a celebrity attraction. He was given the chance to work with a legitimate legend in Christopher Daniels, and together the two of them put together a fantastic match, with Amell clearly having put in the work to make everything look great.

4 Bad Bunny: Strong Selling

The Miz attacks Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny got a lot of offense in throughout the night, which is something that helped to make him look so impressive. However, he also had to prove he could sell as well, which is another test he passed with flying colors.

A lot of celebrity matches see them look great on the attack, but poor when receiving a beating themselves. However, Bad Bunny didn’t do that, he had the right reactions, took his time, and made the entire match look compelling and realistic.

3 Greater Alternative: Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather punches Big Show

Floyd Mayweather comes from the boxing world, so fans were able to buy into everything that he did from an offensive perspective. His punches were believable, but his entire performance against Big Show was brilliant.

To say that he was fighting someone as large as Big Show, Floyd Mayweather did an amazing job of making everything look legitimate and exciting. It’s a credit to Mayweather and his showmanship ability that he could create such a classic WrestleMania bout.

2 Bad Bunny: Pulling Out Big Moves

Bad Bunny Crossbody

Big moves don’t always guarantee an impressive performance, but when a non-wrestler is able to start hitting Falcon Arrow’s and a Canadian Destroyer outside of the ring, it starts to become a different matter.

Bad Bunny was able to do the basics brilliantly, but the fact he did some flashy moves only made the match more exciting. On top of that, these amazing moves didn’t feel overly choreographed either, with each one taking place naturally, which only made the match more impressive.

1 Greater Alternative: Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee WarGames dive

Pat McAfee had several matches for NXT, firstly a singles match against Adam Cole at NXT Takeover: XXX and then inside WarGames. His feud against Cole and The Undisputed Era was tremendous, and a lot of that was because of McAfee’s in-ring performances.

He had clearly trained and put together some great efforts in both matches, taking huge bumps including a dive from the top of the WarGames structure. The fact he was able to keep up and match Adam Cole and work at the level of NXT, which is notorious for its in-ring work and McAfee not feeling out of place is a clear sign he’s one of the best celebrity wrestlers ever.

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