Who Inherited Luke Perry’s $10 Million Net Worth?


When Luke Perry passed away, he left behind his two kids and a fiancée he’d been in a relationship with for more than a decade.

Since most people only interact with celebrities on their screens, it can often feel like famous people are above the rest of us in some way. Of course, in reality, celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us and all of their fame and riches can’t protect them from the fact that everyone passes away eventually.

Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of the loved ones celebrities leave behind fighting over their estate upon their passing. While that makes sense since a lot of stars leave behind a lot of money, it is always sad to see a group of people get ripped apart by financial concerns.

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When Luke Perry passed away in 2014, there was an outpouring of emotion from all of the fans who were touched by his work. Amidst the sorrow that so many fans felt at that time, most people didn’t think about who Perry left his estate to. With all of that in mind, it begs an obvious question, who inherited Luke Perry’s estate?

An Impactful Career

In this day and age, there are so many channels and streaming services that even when a show becomes a sensation, it is quickly replaced by another series. During the early-‘90s, however, there were a handful of shows that would become the talk of the town and remain incredibly popular for a long while.

At the height of Beverly Hills, 90210’s success, it was one of the most talked-about shows in the world. Insanely popular with young viewers, the show’s overwhelming success turned its young stars into international superstars. In fact, the show was so beloved at one time that most of the things that went on behind-the-scenes were constantly covered by the press. While all of Beverly Hills, 90210’s stars became well-known at that time, it could easily be argued that Luke Perry was the show’s breakout star. For that reason, it took most people by surprise when Perry left the show behind after its 6th season.

Luke Perry and Beverly Hills, 90210 cast
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In the years after Luke Perry’s Beverly Hills, 90210 departure, his career didn’t take off the way he most likely hoped. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any career highlights for Perry at that time as he appeared in movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 8 Seconds, and The Fifth Element. Throughout the 2000s and early-2010s, Luke Perry continued to work consistently but most of his projects were released without much fanfare. Then, all of that changed when Perry began starring in the show Riverdale, a series that would become a surprise hit. Unfortunately, the career renaissance Perry seemed to be on the cusp of due to Riverdale came to an abrupt end when he surprisingly passed away.

Luke’s Estate

When the year 2019 began, Luke Perry seemed to be on top of the world and in very good health. Sadly, Perry would suffer a massive ischemic stroke in February even though he was only 52-years-old at the time. Worse yet, Perry would go on to suffer a second stroke which resulted in his family having to make the extremely difficult decision to take him off life support.

Luke Perry and His Fiancée
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When Luke Perry passed away, he left behind his two kids and a fiancée he’d been in a relationship with for more than a decade. Unfortunately, when a lot of celebrities lose their lives, it results in their romantic partner and children fighting over their estate. In the case of Luke Perry, however, things were very simple as Forbes reports that he left his $10 million fortune to his two children. More importantly, instead of fighting with Perry’s kids, Luke’s fiancée expressed her gratitude for their support they’d given her during a Today interview.

A Loving Father

Since famous actors tend to have people throwing themselves at them and they spend a lot of their time on set, a lot of them have contentious relationships with their families. In the case of Luke Perry, however, he was an adoring father from all accounts.

The father of a son named Jack and a daughter named Sophie, Luke always kept his priorities straight. For example, Luke once told Us Weekly that he loved spending time at home with his kids. “I just like it there. I like to fish with my kids. And we have animals there. I love the cows. And I love the quiet time in the woods. I’m a country boy at heart.”

Of course, it isn’t uncommon for parents to talk about enjoying spending time with their kids. However, in Luke Perry’s case, it took a lot more effort since his job took him all over the world. Still, Luke made it a priority to be there to take photos of his daughter when she left for prom and support his son as he built his career as a professional wrestler. In fact, Luke wanted to be there for his son without being a distraction so he would often attend events where Jack was performing in disguise.

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