‘Walking Skeleton’ Keith Urban Headed Towards Health Crisis?

Friends of Keith Urban are reportedly worried about the singer’s health and appearance after he shed tens of pounds, one magazine says. Urban’s apparently given up on eating anything besides nuts and seeds, giving him a “bony” appearance. Here’s what’s going on.

Keith Urban’s Health Scare

“Manorexic Keith’s Nutty Birdseed Diet” says the headline in the National Enquirer alongside before and after photos of Keith Urban. According to the outlet, he’s “shrunk to 140 pounds as the former addict is hooked on a bizarre diet of nuts and berries.” As he “appears to be growing thinner,” friends of the country singer “are worried the stress of his demanding career — and his desperate desire to be a good hubby to Nicole Kidman — may push him over the edge,” an anonymous source says.

“No one sees him eating much more than handfuls of raw almonds or sunflower seeds and berries washed down with gallons of water,” an insider adds. As further evidence, the tabloid points to an anecdote about Urban walking past a display table of sweets at an album launch party. “Keith believes he looks great,” the source says, despite his “bony appearance.” “Everyone in his social circle thinks he looked better a year or two ago when he weighed a healthier 165 pounds, but he’s barely denting scales at 140 now. He’s a walking skeleton!”

Here’s What We Know

In reality, however, the entire premise is bogus. The tabloid’s “NOW” photo is actually not from now. Instead, it’s from December 2019, over two years ago. The picture has been closely cropped, but it’s still possible to see Urban dragging his carry-on luggage behind him. The pandemic is still raging and masks are still required in airports, so the fact that the photo shows the singer smiling and talking without one is an immediate giveaway that it’s old. Funnily enough, the quote about his friends finding him healthier two years ago would apply to the “bony” photo in question. Urban is completely healthy and fine right now.

What’s more concerning than the bizarre insults of Keith Urban is the tabloid’s mockery of eating disorders. “Manorexic” is a ridiculous and offensive term — it’s like calling a man diagnosed with cancer a “mancer patient.” Anorexia is a serious condition that can affect anyone regardless of their gender, and downplaying the disorder’s incident rate in men is nothing but harmful given how frequently eating disorders are missed solely due to the person’s gender. And that doesn’t even begin to address the Enquirer‘s equally offensive misportrayal of addiction.

Keith Urban Isn’t The Only Victim

Unfortunately, we’ve ceased to be shocked by the Enquirer‘s disgusting stories. It’s tried to push this bizarre bird-like diet narrative on several celebrities. The tabloid claimed that Renee Zellweger was on a 500-calorie-a-day diet with nothing but nuts and seeds. Prior to that, it reported that Katie Holmes was only eating nuts, seeds, and even a little celery after her split from Jamie Foxx. Its online spinoff said that Julia Roberts was forcing her husband on a diet of, once again, nothing but seeds and nuts. Celebrities aren’t birds, and the Enquirer isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

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