U-Go Girl: Who Was Marvel’s Forgotten Mutant Celebrity?


Who was U-Go-Girl — and how could a version of this iconic X-Statix character find a place on Krakoa?

X-Statix introduced a number of unique and powerful young mutants, with their attention being much more focused on celebrity status than protecting a world that hated and feared them. But in the new era of Krakoa, what place could the team hold if they were restored — particularly one of the team’s most memorable and powerful members?

Who was U-Go-Girl — and how could a version of the character fit in on Krakoa?


Edie Sawyer — aka U-Go-Girl — was introduced in X-Force #116 by Peter Milligan, Michael Allred and Laura Allred, as part of a new media-minded roster of young mutants who would rather be pop stars than superheroes. Beyond her distinct blue skin and crimson hair, U-Go-Girl is an incredibly powerful teleporter, with no apparent limits to the distance she can cover. This quickly established her as one of the most potentially powerful members of the team. One of the only two survivors of that initial roster following a disastrous early mission, U-Go-Girl became one of the most popular members of the restructured group, who eventually changed their name to X-Statix.

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Edie was eventually revealed to have a far more complicated personal history than her public persona implied. U-Go-Girl had actually had a daughter at age seventeen but had left her to be raised by her mother while she became a celebrity. She threw herself into the hedonistic side of celebrity and was even at one point secretly working for the villainous Coach, the primary manager of X-Statix at the time. She even almost helped him kill the team’s new leader, Mister Sensitive. But a change of heart led U-Go-Girl to help save Sensitive — who ended up becoming her love interest. Sadly, U-Go-Girl eventually suffered the same fate as many of her teammates — dying mid-mission.

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U-Go-Girl has actually remained dead since her untimely demise, unlike other members of X-Statix. Doop, Mister Sensitive, Vivisector have all returned to the land of the living, and Dead Girl’s powers allow her to actually traverse between life and death. However, the chances for revival have been increased since the formation of Krakoa. The mutant nation is also home to the Five, a group of mutants who can pool their powers together to effectively revive any dead mutant. This could be the key to reviving Edie Sawyer — and likely attracting more pop culture attention for the X-Men. As some of the most publicly accepted mutants in the modern era, X-Statix being revived could be a boon for Krakoa and their attempts to win the majority of humanity over — and that includes U-Go-Girl.

Another possible way for U-Go-Girl to return to the scene would be through her daughter, Katie. In the modern-day, Katie is just an average college-age Engineering student when a meeting with Dead Girl and the spirit of her mother in Giant-Size X-Statix led to her mutant gene activating. Taking on the same skin hue and teleportation powers of her mother, Katie was reluctant to join the new incarnation of X-Statix — but after saving the newly assembled version of the team, she was last seen reconsidering her choice. It’s possible that Katie could eventually find a place within Krakoa and become a new kind of mutant celebrity, giving her an even more important and viable role in the public eye.

With groups like the Six relying on powerful teleporters, either version of U-Go-Girl could be crucial to the future of Krakoa — especially if they could help keep public opinion regarding mutants as positive as possible. With so many mutants being revived on Krakoa — and the new U-Go-Girl set to return in the upcoming spin-off X-Cellent — it’s only a matter of time before a version of the teleporter returns to the spotlight.

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