Top YouTube Ads of 2022 Included Celebrities, and Squid Game – The Hollywood Reporter

The most popular ads on YouTube over the past year looked a lot like the content world writ large: With celebrity-driven spots and premium long-form (for ads, anyway) content dominating the field.

YouTube released its annual YouTube Ads Leaderboard on Monday, highlighting the 10 most popular commercial spots to stream on the service in the last year. The list was released in conjunction with the Cannes Lions Festival, which kicks off in Cannes, France this week

Among the top ads were the first 2 minute-plus trailer for Netflix’s Squid Game; a two-minute plus spot for Switzerland’s tourism bureau, starring Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway; an Amazon ad starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost; a Nissan ad starring Eugene Levy, Dave Bautista and Brie Larson; a Turkish Airlines ad starring Morgan Freeman; a Chevrolet ad featuring Sopranos actors Jamie Lynn-Sigler and Robert Iler; and a nearly nine-minute long short film from Apple.

“If this work shows us anything, it’s that human connection, and a great idea that captures our collective cultural pulse, matter now more than ever. At Google we talk about making information accessible and useful—can I get the right information, does it matter for me. I believe the same notion applies to powerful brand storytelling on our platforms,” said Eugene Buono, head of creative for U.S. Creative Works at Google. “Creatively speaking, stories that are accessible—culturally, conceptually, emotionally—tend to lead to effective, compelling creative work. Great stories in the hands of great storytellers. This year’s Ads Leaderboard collection proves that’s where it starts.”

The most popular ad on YouTube over the past year was from Samsung, for a new Galaxy smartphone.

The complete YouTube Ads Leaderboard is here.

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