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Published on March 24, 2022

Without a doubt, we’ve all heard about people’s celebrity obsessions. It is not limited to Indians, it is visible all across the world. The power that these individuals possess as a result of their lifestyles, glitz, and glam. Not only do celebrities have a special bond with their audiences based on trust and loyalty, which is one of the reasons people follow them. As a fan, everyone wants to get personalized messages from celebrities.

Imagine getting a personalized greeting, call, text, or a video call from your favorite celebrities for you, your family, or your loved ones on any special day is very happening and also one of the best gifts that can be given to anyone. There are several sites and applications that are available on the internet and help you to get personalized messages from celebrities anytime and anywhere.

Here is the list of the top 5 platforms to get personalized messages from celebrities:

memmo helps fans connect to their favourite celebrities through personalised videos, messages, and shoutouts. It was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in late 2019 and has grown in tremendous speed since. memmo is the biggest marketplace outside of the US for personalised videos from thousands of celebrities (athletes, actors, comedians, musicians, YouTubers etc.) to fans and businesses. Personalised videos are the first step on their mission to tech-enable and democratise access to talent to offer a wide range of products and services to fans and businesses. The company has raised $24m, till date and it is the biggest celebrity engagement platform outside of USA. Their special add on products make then stand out in the industry.


Tring is India’s largest platform for connecting with the world’s most famous people. If you want to use Tring, you must reserve your time slot and the celebrity with whom you wish to talk, video call, voice call, or text. Once your slot is cleared, you will be able to receive messages from him/her. Daisy Shah,  Kiku Sharda, Shraddha Arya, Tulsi Kumar, Sidharth Nigam, and others are among the featured celebs on Tring. Now it’s your chance to get personalized messages from your fav celebs and choose a timeslot and then connect by chat, phone, or other means.


Customized video shoutouts for your favorite people from your favorite celebs, especially international celebs, are now available on Cameo. It allows you to have hundreds of wonderful, creative people deliver your message, whether it’s wishing your brother a happy birthday or roasting a pal after a close fantasy football contest. Cameo talent has seven days from the time you book a video shoutout to fulfill your request. Your video will be emailed immediately to your email address, allowing you to share it with anyone and any time as per your wish


Truefan is an Indian app that allows people to connect with celebrities of their choice. It allows you to connect with celebs like Ranveer, Karina, Akshay, Tiger Shroff, Alia, Hritik to request a chat, video call, etc., you can also request personalized messages from them on your special day or for your special ones.


GoNuts is another website where you can get a personalized greeting from any Indian celebrity of your choice. You may also find a big list of influencers and celebrities to send a video greeting on a birthday or on any other special occasion.

Final Thought

We all are fan crazy and admire celebrities. So connecting with our favorite celebrities is the most wonderful thing for any fan. These are some best sites and applications that will help you to get personalized messages from your favorite people, be it a singer, actor, dancer, cricketer, etc. You can easily use it according to your time preference and get wishes and goodies from popular celebrities for yourself or your loved ones.

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