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Everyone is familiar with the gimmick: a couple in the heat of the moment swoops off to Las Vegas to get a quicky wedding and more often than not, a guy in an Elvis costume officiates the wedding. It’s almost a central piece of the Las Vegas experience, and not only that, it is arguably a chunk of the city’s economy.

The tradition is so old that today, many people get Elvis impersonators to conduct their weddings for the fun of it, including celebrities. Some are only alleged to have been married by stand-ins for The King, while others were adamant that Elvis be the one who marries them. These are some celebs who were married in Vegas with Mr. Presley present.

8 Mia Goth And Shia LaBeouf

Another one of the many antics of the Transformers star, famous for his fights and bizarre performance art pieces, came to light in 2016. Reports that he and Mia Goth tied the not with an Elvis Pressly officiary began to circulate, although some say they did not officially get married and just had a commitment ceremony. The two had to have tied the knot eventually because they got a divorce in 2018, but are apparently back together and in 2022 they welcomed their first child.

7 Bette Midler And Martin Von Haselberg

Bette Midler has always been full of surprises. Not many people know that the famously outgoing Broadway star and award-winning actress once had an affair with the famously sullen and mysterious underground rocker Tom Waits. Fortunately, that was before she met Martin von Haselberg, who she married in the 1980s and has stayed with ever since. The pair eloped to Las Vegas and Midler, ever the one to put together a show, had Elvis conduct the ceremony.

6 Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas

Although she starred in Game of Thrones, a very serious television show, Turner is not one to take herself too seriously. It would seem her husband Joe Jonas is the same. The pair eloped to Las Vegas after an award ceremony and like many other stars on this list, they got married at the Little White Chapel. They sprung for the Elvis package, and videos of their wedding can be found all over Instagram and YouTube and you can see them loving every minute of “Elvis” handling their wedding.

5 Britney Spears And Jason Allen Alexander (Maybe)

Before there was Kevin Federline, before there was Sam Asghari, there was Britney Spears’s first marriage to Jason Allen Alexander. Zoomers are too young to remember, but older Britney fans remember the scandal all too well. Britney ran off with Alexander to have a quickie wedding in Vegas, only to have the marriage annulled in a matter of hours. The couple was married at the famous Little White Chapel, a Vegas wedding venue famous for both quickie weddings and for their optional Elvis ministers. Whether or not Elvis was the officiant is unconfirmed, but it would not be the strangest thing to add to this tumultuous story.

4 Sarah Michelle Gellar And Freddie Prinze Jr (Maybe)

Another famous couple to get married at the Little White Chapel and another pair for whom it is unconfirmed whether or not Elvis was there. But the famously in-love couple, who remain together to this day several years later, are equally as famous for being goofballs. In other words, it would not be out of character for them to have paid for the Elvis treatment.

3 Lily Allen And David Harbour

The pop star married her husband David Harbour from Stranger Things in 2020 and they just had to have an Elvis man marry them. Why? Who knows. In any case, the couple was happy with their wedding. They were married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, Allen’s children were present, and hopefully the new family was happy with their celebration dinner at In-and-Out Burger.

2 Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker

Barker and Kourtney Kardashian tied the knot after months of rumors about when and where they would finally be getting married. Kourtney wore a very small, very low-cut and sexy dress to show off her body, and Barker wore a classic tux. According to the couple, they “just had” to have an Elvis impersonator at the wedding. They just did. The couple made things official in 2022.

1 FYI, Elvis Weddings Might Be In Trouble

In June 2022, a controversy arose in Las Vegas when the Elvis Presley estate issued a series of cease and desist orders to the many Elvis impersonators that exist in Las Vegas. Impersonating the late rock star is how many people make a living and stopping the impersonations would be the end of a major Las Vegas tradition. Most impersonators refused to obey the order and promised to continue officiating weddings in their giant sunglasses and their flashy jumpsuits. The order came out around the same time that the Elvis biopic entered theaters, could the two incidents be related?

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