These Celebrities Have Owned Restaurants

Celebrities definitely have a leg up on others looking to start a restaurant, due to their high level of wealth going in.

Celebrities these days really know how to diversify their incomes! Making movies and making music is a great way to get things started but once celebrities have enough money in their individual pockets, they can start running businesses. Restaurants are smart businesses to start because everyone needs to eat.

Owning restaurants can be complex but it is simpler to create a successful business if one has enough money to get things started. Since celebrities are usually on the wealthier side because of the income they earn from their careers in the spotlight, they definitely have the means to start restaurant businesses that do better than most. Here are some celebs who own or used to own nice restaurants.

10 Justin Timberlake – Southern Hospitality

Justin Timberlake - Southern Hospitality
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Back in the day, Justin Timberlake was affiliated with Southern Hospitality. As of today, he has distanced himself from being an investor and partner of the barbecue restaurant but it was something that he was passionate about back in the day. He opened the restaurant in 2007 but by 2009, he had already decided to begin parting ways. Before that, he was all in when it came to the amazing restaurant that was known for serving succulent baby back ribs.

9 Channing Tatum – Saints & Sinners

Channing Tatum - Saints & Sinners
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Channing Tatum might be known as an actor who can pull off some intensely amazing hip-hop moves but the reality is that he also knows what it takes to run an excellent restaurant. The restaurant and bar are open for visitation in the city of New Orleans. Go down to the burlesque district and that is where you’ll find this awesome spot. It’s called Saints & Sinners and it offers a wide variety of interesting specialty alcoholic beverages.

8 Robert De Niro – Nobu

Robert De Niro - Nobu

One of the nicest restaurants on this list is definitely Nobu. The sushi restaurant chain has locations all over the place from New York City to Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Robert De Niro is one of the most prominent owners of Nobu restaurant which just goes to show that he has a business mentality that goes well beyond acting in movies. The hospitality industry can be just as cutthroat as the movie industry but Robert De Niro can clearly handle both.

7 Ryan Gosling – Tagine

Ryan Gosling - Tagine

Looking for an interesting and amazing restaurant to check out for date night? One of the most romantic places to go on this list would have to be Ryan Gosling‘s restaurant, Tagine. Ryan Gosling certainly seems like a romantic guy seeing as he’s been married to his wife even Mendes for several years. The super romantic restaurant offers candlelit table seating, chairs with comfy pillows, and even a menu item that includes decadent chocolate soup.

6 Jessica Biel – Au Fudge

Jessica Biel - Au Fudge

Jessica Biel is certainly known for being an actress since she has been in the acting game since her teenage years but that is definitely not the only thing that she does. She decided to open a restaurant in West Hollywood, California called Au Fudge.

What is so different and interesting about her restaurant is the fact that she only offers a menu of all-natural, organic, healthy food options that don’t include chemical dyes. It’s the place to go for people who are concerned about the ingredients in the food they are consuming.

5 Ty Burrell – Beer Bar & The Eating Establishment

Ty Burrell - Beer Bar & The Eating Establishment
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Everyone’s favorite TV dad, Ty Burrell from Modern Family, is the man behind Beer Bar & the Eating Establishment. The coolest thing about this restaurant is that it is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it offers a menu with 150 beers! It also includes sausages made in-house as well as breakfast poutine served with delicious beer gravy. Something about this menu sounds so tempting which is probably why the restaurant is so successful.

4 Jon Bon Jovi – Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi - Soul Kitchen
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The world of rock music would not be the same without the talents of the ultra legendary Jon Bon Jovi. When he isn’t on stage performing his hit songs, he is making sure that his restaurant, soul kitchen, is being run smoothly.

Two locations are available for visitation at the moment in his home state of New Jersey. If you’re willing to volunteer at the restaurant, you can earn a dining certificate to get a free meal!

3 Danny Trejo – Trejos Tacos

Danny Trejo - Trejos Tacos
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Who doesn’t absolutely love taco Tuesday!? Trejo’s Tacos is the place to go for people who absolutely love eating tacos when they are hungry. The restaurant is located in Los Angeles and even offers vegan and vegetarian options for those who choose not to consume meat. Also on the menu? Danny Trejo offers a special beer that he created himself called Cerveza.

2 Mark Wahlberg – Wahlburgers

Mark Wahlberg - Wahlburgers
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Mark Wahlberg got really creative when he decided to start his own restaurant. He named the restaurant Wahlburgers As a play on his own name. The burger joint offers a typical menu for what you would expect at any restaurant that sells burgers. A reality TV shows with the restaurant as its backdrop premiered in 2014 and went on for 10 seasons.

1 Zach Braff – Mermaid Oyster Bar

Zach Braff - Mermaid Oyster Bar

Mermaid oyster bar is the name of the restaurant that Zach Braff owns in New York City. Although the restaurant has been described as upscale, it is also considered a laid-back seafood restaurant. Zach Braff rose to fame on Scrubs playing the role of a doctor trying to earn his stripes. When it comes to the restaurant management business, he’s already got his stripes.

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