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These celebrities had to deal with several adversities while growing up.

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It is not uncommon for a person to experience unspeakable and tragic horrors before they are an adult. Childhood is a vulnerable time that can lead to children being susceptible to abuse and violence because they cannot defend themselves. Celebrities are not immune to adverse childhood experiences. Sadly, many stars report having rough childhoods. Some use it as their drive for success, while others feel like these traumas are holding them back. Here are eight celebrities who had tragic childhood experiences.

8 Eminem

This famous rapper often raps about the difficulty he had during his childhood. Not very many people are willing to speak about their rough childhoods like Eminem is. His troubled lifestyle is detailed in his memoir and in his songs. He grew up poor and shared a trailer with his caregivers. He endured domestic abuse and bullying. Despite these hardships, he has become a very successful musician today.

7 Drew Barrymore

The details of Drew Barrymore’s childhood are almost common knowledge now. Due to her mother’s fame, she was often at nightclubs in her teens. This led to an early exposure to drugs that made her childhood tragic. She plans to share the history of her childhood with her children and do her best to give them a better childhood than she had.

6 Mark Wahlberg

This legendary actor did not have it easy growing up. He had a really rough and sad childhood filled with hardship and heartbreak. It led to him being standoffish and aggressive in his adulthood. Despite his experience, he wants to be a good dad and give his kids the life he never had.

5 Shia LaBeouf

This actor’s success overshadows a tragic childhood backstory. He grew up with his family in poverty. They could barely make ends meet. They traveled a lot and sold hotdogs to try to put food on the table. Despite the disadvantages LaBeouf grew up with, he went to AA meetings with his dad and performed stand-up comedy in pursuit of a better life.

4 Albert Einstein

Being a genius does not make you immune to the horrors of the world in childhood. Often seen as one of the smartest people of all time, Einstein did not have an easy way through childhood. His brains may have even caused some of his struggles. He was rebellious and had quirks that actually got him kicked out of school.

3 Ashley Judd

This legendary actress is a trailblazer in Hollywood. She is highly successful, and it is made evident by her many Golden Globe nominations. Her success is even more impressive considering her tragic childhood. She was abused repeatedly and was left alone often. Her pursuit of the limelight was her main priority, and she pushed through her struggles and pain to get there.

2 Oprah Winfrey

This talk-show host is one of the most successful and most wealthy people in Hollywood, and even in the whole world. She is a household name, and she created her reality for herself despite her childhood traumas. She was sexually and physically abused growing up, and she had to make herself bigger to protect herself, and that is exactly what she did.

1 Tyler Perry

As one of the most highly regarded filmmakers of the 21st century, it may surprise you that Tyler Perry had a really difficult childhood. He has said that he “never felt safe” as a child due to the repeated sexual and physical abuse he endured. He often dissociated to escape the horrors of his reality as a child. It makes one wonder if that is where his inspiration for his horror films comes from.

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