These Are the Celebrities Who Came Out During Pride Month 2022

The Oscar-nominated King Richard actress had long been out as bisexual to her friends and coworkers, but it was when she went to the 2022 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards that she first commented on her sexuality publicly. She did so by having the word “Queer” emblazoned on her Dolce & Gabanna suit jacket in rhinestones on her left arm.

However, despite the statement, not very many people caught onto her coming out.

“I was thinking, ‘Why didn’t more people pay attention to that?’ And I was like, ‘They probably thought it said ‘Queen,’” she told Variety in June. “It wasn’t that I was expecting any sort of major reaction or anything like that. One of my family members noticed, but nobody else did.”

According to Ellis, that family member already knew she was bi, but felt “hurt” that she would express her sexuality so publicly.

“I am a work in progress, and my family and my community are works in progress,” she said. “I really believe that that is important to say because I’m not alone. We see people on the other side of it, where everybody’s good and fine: ‘Love is love.’”

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