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Homeschooling can make a child equally smart as a person with regular schooling, if not smarter.

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For the most part, people think that homeschooling is not legitimate. They think that people who get homeschooled lack social skills and are just plain weird. However, homeschooling gives people a flexible approach to their education, which often leads to success. Celebrities that start of early in the entertainment industry usually don’t have time for a traditional approach to their education. They have to go to auditions, recording studios, sets, and sometimes even travel the world. Therefore, homeschooling is more prevalent in Hollywood than you might expect. Here are eight celebrities that opted for homeschooling and now have very successful careers.

9 Hailee Steinfeld

This American actress and the pop-music sensation was homeschooled for most of her education. She started homeschooling at the age of 12 and stuck with it all the way through her high school graduation. She chose to be homeschooled because she needed as much flexibility as possible to get to auditions in Hollywood. Her homeschooling actually helped her be more successful in her career.

8 Ryan Gosling

It may surprise you, but this world-renowned actor was actually homeschooled. This was mainly because, at ten years old, he could not read. With his learning deficit and his ADHD diagnosis, Gosling was the victim of ruthless bullying at school. His single mother finally decided to pull him out of school to homeschool him, and it eventually led to his now successful acting career.

7 Demi Lovato

This former Disney star was homeschooled for a similar reason to Ryan Gosling. They left the public school system because they were the victim of constant bullying, and it was affecting their academic performance. It made perfect sense for them to try homeschooling. When they reflect on their past, they don’t really know why they were bullied, but they were glad they chose to do homeschooling.

6 Justin Bieber

It might sound crazy, but this superstar was actually homeschooled from the very start of his career. After his first hit was on the radio, Bieber was constantly traveling and working on his music. Therefore, he needed a flexible approach to his education, and online homeschooling gave him that opportunity.

5 Emma Watson

This former Harry Potter star started her acting career very young. Her role as Hermione Granger started when she was just 10 years old. This means that she was thrust into the entertainment industry, and she pursued homeschooling to maintain her academic standing. Those that worked with her on set said that she is exactly like Hermione in real life, especially when it came to her schoolwork.

4 Simone Biles

It is no mystery as to why this Olympic and International gymnastics champion would choose to do homeschooling. Most of Simone Biles’ day is dedicated to training, so she needed a way to squeeze her schoolwork into her gymnastics schedule. Homeschooling was the perfect option because she could complete her courses in the time that she was not in the gym.

3 Nick Jonas

This former Jonas Brothers member was homeschooled along with Joe and Kevin. Nick and his brothers were homeschooled from a very young age. They all found fame together in their boy band. When they branched off from each other they maintained their status in Hollywood, individually. Their mother actually said that they would have been homeschooled even if they hadn’t pursued fame.

2 Taylor Swift

Today, Taylor Swift is considered the queen of pop music. She has been a music superstar for most of her life, so that meant that school took a back seat to her career. Due to her early success as a singer, she did not have time to attend a traditional school, so she needed to do homeschooling. She was highly passionate about her academics and ended up finishing high school early through her homeschooling.

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