These 18 Celebrities Came Out During Pride Month 2021


The Canadian skater and two-time Olympian came out as as queer in a heartfelt and emotional Instagram post

“Over the last year, with a lot of time to think, feel, and connect with myself, I’ve come to a place of acceptance,” she wrote. “I identify as queer woman and this is something I’ve known for a long time but was not ready to face. For years I really hated a big part of myself, and that took a huge toll on my mental health — especially when the world stopped and the only thing I could do was look in the mirror. There’s nothing worse than hitting rock bottom and not wanting to climb out.”

Weaver, who earned world championship medals with her skating partner Andrew Poje in 2014 (silver), 2015 (bronze,) and 2018 (bronze), continued: 

“I’m shaking writing this message, but knowing that I’m moving in a loving, authentic, and compassionate way feels right. You all know me- I follow my heart, and that always leads me to the right place. I’m ready to move forward living, loving, and being honest with all of my identity. And it has been so empowering to arrive at a place where I can do that. I’m so grateful to have Andrew’s support throughout it all – and it brings tears to my eyes to know that in him I’ve always got the best partner, and friend, for life.”

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