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As we approach the two full weeks of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard difamation trial, there is still more information about her alleged affair with James Franco. On Tuesday, Amber Heard’s psychologist friend testified several details about this affair the two actors had when they shared the screen on ‘The Adderall Diaries’.

According to Dr. Dawn Hughes, Johnny Depp started arguing with Amber Heard over an alleged affair she had with James Franco during the filming of this movie. However, she confirmed she wasn’t present in the event that Amber Heard described. According to Hughes, the actress detailed how Johnny Depp kicked her in the back and she stumbled to the front in a clear rage amid these accusations.

Depp allegedly kept telling Heard the he hoped she ‘had fun with her escapades’ before kicking her on the back, forcing her to go forward. Hughes was forced then to confirm she wasn’t Amber Heard’s psychologist when these events took place, she was only her friend. But these accusations pale in comparison to all the evidence that confirms it was Heard the one who abused Johnny Depp, not the other way around.

Not having direct eye witnesses to all the “atrocities” Depp perpetrated on Heard is highly convenient. It has become pretty evident and clear that Heard is currently in a tough position with nobody moving forwar in her support. James Franco still hasn’t publicly made any statements about his involvement in the trial.

In May 2014, while on a plane, Heard alleges Depp confronted her about shooting romantic scenes with James Franco, and accused her of having an affair. Depp proceeds to taunt, throw things at, and kick Heard. He later texts her an apology. Depp’s assistant confirms the incident.

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Will James Franco testify in Amber Heard’s favor?

According to recent information about his whereabouts, James Francos’ close circle has already confirmed that the actor wants nothing to do with this trial. He has his own problems to deal with after being accused of sexual misconduct by several university students where he was teaching an acting class.

Going forward to support Amber Heard in any capacity could hurt his already damaged image even further. James Franco’s publicist probably wants him as far away from Amber Heard and the trial as possible. It’s highly unlikely we will see him testifying during the final two weeks of this trial.

A psychologist testifying on behalf of Amber Heard detailed the abuse the actress claimed she experienced during her relationship with Johnny Depp, including one harrowing instance where the actor once flew into a rage about James Franco.

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