The Unique Contour Trick Celebrities Swear By To Look 10 Years Younger


When done well, makeup has the capability to transform your entire face. With a well applied concealer or a tactful highlight you can be transported back in time, or even add age to your face, all based simply on the placement of the product. Contour is a tricky skill to master as it is, but if you’re looking to cut a few years off, this is the best trick for contouring that celebrity makeup artist’s swear by.

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According to celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin, the finished look lies primarily in the product you choose. There are a number of different contour’s on the market, but for an ageless look, Irwin suggests opting for a cream product instead of powder. For application she explains, “Try underpainting with cream contour in the beginning of your makeup instead of contouring with a heavy matte powder at the end. This gives more glow and helps to make blending even easier. You also have more control, since you can use your fingers or brushes depending on what finish you want.”


Caking your face with too much product is a surefire way to achieve the opposite effect than intended, so Irwin warns to keep this in mind as you apply your contour. “The less visible your contour is, the more youthful it will look,” she says. Applying a cream contour at the beginning of your routine before continuing with other makeup products helps to minimize the harsh effect that the dark shading can have.


Both powder and cream contour have their place in your makeup routine, but for an everyday ageless look, cream will be your best bet. “Powder is great for a stronger look if you’re going to be on camera or under strong lights, but for a daytime, natural look, creams will give you more options.” If you have a powder contour that you want to use up before purchasing a new product, just be sure to use a light hand as you apply it.


How you apply your makeup and which products you choose are vital in achieving an ageless effect with your look. By using a cream contour, you’ll have more control over the blendability of your product so you can ensure there are no harsh lines and dark shading that will add years to your face instead. Makeup should work to enhance your beauty, so a light, natural touch of contour will do the most to play up your features. With the right application, you’ll have everyone guessing your age!

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