The Strangest Items Sold By Celebrities On eBay


There are thousands (maybe millions) of strange items that are sold on eBay all the time. People will literally sell used tissues, chewing gum that’s already been chewed, used underwear, eaten food, hair, and even other people’s breath. There are people who will buy those things if they come from a celebrity. If you ever become famous, you can sell your breath and used gum for thousands of dollars. When you’re a celebrity pretty much anything you use can be sold for money.

It’s not always as bad as it seems though. Some of the weird celebrity items sold on eBay have raised money to help people and animals. Even if used tissues or strands of someone’s hair are weird to have in your house, it’s worth it to help others. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest items to be sold on eBay.

10 Justin Bieber’s Space Suit From A Super Bowl Commercial

Justin Bieber wearing a space suit in 2011 Best Buy Super Bowl commercial.
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In 2011, Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne were in a Best Buy commercial together during the Super Bowl where they both wore space suits. Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, decided to sell Justin’s space suit on eBay to raise money for charity. “Sharon Osbourne then listed the suit on eBay, where it raised an astounding $5,800. The proceeds were donated to the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai,” according to Business Insider. It’s kind of strange that Justin’s clothes were sold on eBay, but at least it was for a good cause.

9 Scarlett Johansson’s Used Tissue

Scarlett Johansson holding her used tissue in a plastic bag.
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This one was also listed on eBay to raise money for charity, but it’s more strange than a space suit. People actually bought a used tissue because a celebrity used it. “Fans of Scarlett Johansson bid on her used tissue on eBay in 2008. The tissue, which was handed to the celeb by Jay Leno during her appearance on The Tonight Show, sold for $5,300 with the proceeds going to Johansson’s favorite charity, USA Harvest,” according to Ranker. Even if it’s weird to buy a tissue someone wiped their nose with, it did help raise money to help people.

8 Britney Spears’ Chewing Gum

Britney Spears had tons of fans in the early 2000’s, including ones who loved her so much that they bought her used gum. “Britney Spears’ chewing gum was listed on eBay in 2004 for a whopping $14,000 (via People). The seller competed with himself on the site and pushed the price into the thousands. Although the seller provided no authenticity, the listings incorporated photos and a ticket stub of where the gum was reportedly chewed and spit out,” according to Business Insider. That same year her gum wads went on sale for only $5 or $10.

7 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Breath

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the Oscars red carpet together.
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Just like their used tissues and chewing gum, celebrity’s breath is something else that people can buy on eBay. “A jar of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ‘exhaled breath’ was recently bought for a cool £340,” according to Daily Mail. Someone caught their breath in a jar when they were walking by on the red carpet and sold it on eBay for $530 in American dollars. That means someone literally has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breath in their house.

6 Justin Timberlake’s Half-Eaten French Toast

In the early 2000’s, people were not only buying Britney Spears’ used chewing gum, they were also buying Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast. According to Business Insider, “During an interview with New York radio station, Z-100, in 2006 during his N-Sync days, Justin didn’t finish a plate of French toast he’d been served. The leftover breakfast scraps were immediately put up on eBay following the show, where they reportedly sold for $3,154 (via Paste Magazine).”

5 Queen Elizabeth II’s Underwear

Queen Elizabeth II wearing her crown.
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This one will definitely make you cringe. Queen Elizabeth II lost a pair of underwear one day and now it’s in a stranger’s house. According to Ranker, “Instead of returning Queen Elizabeth’s underwear to her like a gentleman, Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi decided to add them to his own private stash after finding them on a plane. When he passed, the Queen of England’s panties then sold for $18K on eBay.”

4 J.D. Salinger’s Toilet

Black and white picture of J.D. Salinger.
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J.D. Salinger is known for writing the iconic Catcher in the Rye and after he passed away in 2010, someone listed his porcelain toilet from his New Hampshire home on eBay for a million dollars. “The seller attached a letter of authenticity and reportedly thought the asking price was reasonable because ‘Salinger is believed to have left behind a substantial volume of unpublished writing, and…surely Salinger conceived some of it while sitting on’ the porcelain throne,” according to Business Insider. Anyone who wants to write like J.D. Salinger can just sit on his toilet and produce classic stories like he did.

3 Justin Bieber’s Hair

Justin Bieber is really popular when it comes to people selling his stuff on eBay, including his hair. “Ellen DeGeneres proved the worth of teen sensation Justin Bieber’s tresses after she sold his hair on eBay for a staggering $40,668,” according to Business Insider. She eventually donated all of the money she made from Justin’s hair to her animal rescue organization, The Gentle Barn Foundation. More than $40,000 is a lot for a few locks of hair, but it’s worth it to help animals in need.

2 Gary Coleman’s Sweatpants

Close of Gary Coleman wearing a grey shirt.
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Sweatpants aren’t as strange as the Queen’s panties, but it seems like people will buy anything if it has to do with a celebrity. And that includes other celebrities. “Gary Coleman’s signed navy blue XL Gap Kids sweatpants caught Jimmy Kimmel’s attention when they were put up for sale on eBay in 2008,” according to Business Insider. The price of the sweatpants rose to $400,000 in a bidding war, but that huge payment wasn’t received so Jimmy ended up winning them and only had to pay $500.

1 Hugh Laurie’s Cane From ‘House’

Hugh Laurie holding a cane in the TV show, House.
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The early 2000’s was a popular time for buying strange celebrity stuff. One of House’s biggest fans bought Hugh Laurie’s cane in 2009 that he used while he was on the show. According to Business Insider, “The autographed cane that was used on the pilot of House was put up for auction by the TV Academy Foundation. It reportedly raised $8,300.”

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