The Rich, the Mighty, the Influential and the Celebrities of the GFFA through the Eras (Tagge too!))

Most stories focus on the Jedi and the Sith, or Rebels vs. a tyranny. Both sides make use of the folks mentioned in the header. Be it as suppliers, manufacturers, propaganda or else. While the heroes fight, those guys shape the galaxy and keep it running, fighting or direct the wars via the flow of money, goods and information. These are the lot that backed tyrants and governments alike and that gain wealth from both sides of the war. Like TLJ’s glimpse at the folks of Canto Bight, these are the true influencers of galactic evolution that often are behind the scenes while standing right in the spotlight, unharmed by whatever conflict they paid for.

Lets take a look at them and read between the lines to discover what happened to them and how they adapted to not get caught or how some of them rose and fell when getting too entangled in the webs they spun.

The Prequels mostly featured greedy politicians, corrupt burocrats and the economic side of them. The corporations and guilds as well as the banks and their bankers. The OT barely featured them one might think but they were there, wearing a uniform and wielding military power some families did better than others following the trend to success like the Tagges. Others thrived on crime like Jabba who rather than going for state controlled markets chose to pick off the illegal free trade and all its illicit and immoral goods. The ST then again focussed mostly on the conflict but took a quick excursion into the wealthy heart of those playing war games with money on Canto Bight far from the action.

As Darth Plagueis knew, without money and these folks, you can do nothing, rule nothing and achieve nothing. Sidious had Maul take out anybody who would be unwilling to obey them either out of fear or corruption. The rest fell in line to support the scheme that evolved into the Clone Wars and First Galactic Empire.

When the Empire fell though, with it fell some rich families that tied their luck too close to the Imperial dream. Others more independant still despite nationalisations survived to thrive under the New Republic until selling it out to the highest bidder when it suited them.

So, who are they? What do they own and control? With all your help, might we compile a list and further discuss the details?

F.e. What power players owned the droid market in what era? Which dominated shipbuilding or shipping? Media and information? And how did that change between eras. We know big company names that stayed the same through most eras and we know some that vanish loose fame as others rise in their wake.

In the PT many alien controlled companies get nationalised or change ownership to human control under the Empire. And how does the galactic nobility and their connections play into all the ownership and economy they must be a part of? Always we hear these or that individuals are among the most filthy rich without seeing that money in action or what they control and own truly. Who are the richest people in the galaxy at any given time and era? Can we name them and list their belongings?

In Legends we had a better grip at post ROTJ changes via Lando’s business angle and the companies he owned, founded and allocated under his roof.

More to come, lets discuss and please add to it!

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