The One Flattering Haircut Celebrities Swear By Because It Makes Them Look 10 Years Younger

Some great things just never change— like curtain bangs (whether currently on Kendall Jenner or Hilary Duff or worn as a part of a shag like on Alexa Chung), this type of cut never truly goes out of style. Rather than a risky snip like blunt bangs or going super-short, the beauty of curtain bangs is that they present a myriad of anti-aging benefits for your overall look, and suit virtually any face shape, professional stylists tell us. Read on to learn more about why celebs continue to rock this cut (and why you might want to try it yourself for summer) as well as tips and suggestions from Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist and hair expert at The Right Hairstyles.

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How Curtain Bangs Bring A Youthful Essence at Any Age

Countless celebs often gravitate to or rock some iteration of curtain bangs, Abdullah says, since they are flattering for virtually any “face shape, texture or hair type.” This cut can help highlight your best features as it opens up near your eyes, emphasizes your cheekbones, and while draw less attention to wrinkling or age spots like thicker, more blunt styles might. 

“Curtain bangs flatter just about any face at any age,” Abdullah says, 

“They neatly frame the face while drawing attention away from serious aging signs.” She notes that they are often found effective since they create a “soft, natural-looking wave at the top of the head.” They are often used to frame the face and specifically, to give it a youthful appearance, she stresses. 


Curtain bangs make your face appear “smaller and slimmer when they come down to cheek level,” she adds. If you have a tall forehead, Abdullah suggests that they “effortlessly minimize it.” This is different from the obvious effect of bangs that are cut straight across and frequently used to shorten a forehead, she says. If you wear them at eye level, they bring even more “emphasis to your smile and can fill in your cheeks as well,” which she dubs, “the baby doll look.”

If you are looking specifically for an anti-aging effect, Abdullah says that curtain bangs almost always “make your hair appear thicker and are a great way to add volume to thinning hair.” The style works well for women who want to “hide thinning hair in the front,” she points out. “Curtain bangs are always flirtatious, if you’re looking to rejuvenate your look over 40,” Abdullah advises.

She concludes that they add aan extra oomph to many hairstyles you might currently wear, like updos or ponytails. “You can even wear the rest of your hair pulled up and a few wispy long bangs in the front to change up your style,” Abdullah says. Sounds great to us and we get the celeb appeal! 

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