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Fashion’s biggest night out is back, and along with it is the plethora of memes and mixed reactions from the internet.

The Met Gala 2022, a fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, officially returned to New York City’s Upper East Side last May 3 (Philippine time).

With the theme “Gilded Glamour,” this year’s Met Gala focused on the fashion of the Gilded Age in the United States of America, which stretched from 1870 to 1890, and attendees were expected to honor the dress code and “embody the grandeur” of Gilded Age New York.

The star-studded event had audiences across the world expecting A-list celebrities to grace the red carpet donning outfits related to the theme (think of corsets, lavish gowns, and over-the-top hats). However, not everyone managed to follow this year’s theme, earning mixed reactions from the audience.

From channeling their inner Miranda Priestly to spotting surprise guests’ appearances, let’s look at some of the memes, reactions, and tweets from the recently concluded Met Gala 2022.

Me, my pajamas, and the Met Gala 2022

Who says we need an invite to judge this year’s Met Gala 2022 looks when you can just wear your favorite pajamas and be inside the comfort of your own home?

me: “no one understood the assignment, they look so out of place and ugly!!” #MetGala2022 #MetGala

meanwhile me:

— Moksh | THIS LOVE TV (@evermoksh) May 2, 2022

me getting ready to judge the met gala looks from the comfort of my bed #MetGala

— ✨ (@PRADAXBBY) May 2, 2022

this is what we wanted to see!!!!!!#MetGala #MetGala2022

— laura (@puresthin) May 2, 2022

me getting ready to judge all the met gala looks

— haya 🧁 (@girImuse) May 2, 2022

Expectations vs. reality

Of course, no Met Gala is complete without Twitter users channeling their inner Miranda Priestly. For some Twitter users, some celebrities’ outfits weren’t what they were expecting to see when they thought of fashion during the Gilded Age.

what I expected vs what we’re getting#metgala

— ♡ (@jolangfrds) May 2, 2022

#metgala how people

2022 theme: are dressing:

— dan (@repshours) May 2, 2022

what we expected what we got #metgala

— Meadow 🌨 (@MeadowRosss) May 2, 2022

where are the corsets, where are the boned bodices, where are the giant bows and frills and lace #MetGala

— delaney (@lanemckelvie) May 2, 2022

i’m crying cause this is probably the easiest theme to follow #MetGala2022

— – (@honsooI) May 2, 2022

The theme is gilded. This is what they should be giving… instead bvtches coming in wit leather ugg boots and jean jackets #MetGala2022 #MetGala

— Shay-Li (@badguyshay) May 2, 2022

this is what we wanted to see!!!!!!#MetGala #MetGala2022

— laura (@puresthin) May 2, 2022

Some users didn’t also hide their disappointment with Emma Stone’s outfit, pointing out the fact that she played a fashionista named Cruella de Vil in the Disney 2021 film, Cruella. Phoebe Dynevor also caught their attention for wearing a sheer black Louis Vuitton gown—an outfit they were not expecting from the Bridgerton actress to wear.

you are gonna tell me emma stone played fashionista cruella and went to the met like this ? nah get your money back. #metgala

— karla (@koredakota) May 2, 2022

You did not play cruella de vil to look like this #MetGala #MetGala2022

— sara (@saraa_oz) May 2, 2022

I can’t look, I refuse to believe it, there’s just no way 😭😭😭#metgala  #metgala2022

— 𝐑𝐄𝐁𝐄𝐂𝐂𝐀. 𝐂 (@sweetlikebeck) May 2, 2022

the math isn’t mathing

— tori (@voguepearls) May 2, 2022

Surprise guest appearances

For this year’s Met Gala, Twitter users spotted some unexpected guests walking the red carpet—including Duchess Rowena from Barbie’s Rapunzel, Shrek, and more.

Duchess Rowena on theme at the 2022 #MetGala  carpet #MetGala2022

— ✨✨✨ (@438euphoria) May 2, 2022

Shrek on theme at the 2022 #MetGala red carpet #MetGala2022

— 𝑅𝒶𝓎 🍓 (@ray_f13) May 2, 2022

SHES ARRIVED!!!!!! #MetGala #MetGala2022

— dav! (@davphoria) May 2, 2022


— emilie ♡ (@tomhollandsdaya) May 2, 2022

armin, eren, and mikasa have arrived at the #MetGala #MetGala2022

— hourly ema (@hourlyEMA_) May 3, 2022

Same energy and vibes

Twitter users also poked fun of “Havana” singer Camila Cabello and compared her outfit to cakes.

now why Camila Cabello dressed up as one of these cakes #MetGala #MetGala2022


camila cmon girl #MetGala #MetGala2022

— crispbreezy 🙇🏻‍♀️ (@itsthegc222) May 2, 2022

Some celebrities were also compared to cartoon characters, namely Rapper Bad Bunny, who resembled Fru Fru from the 2016 film Zootopia, and Mindy Kaling, who gave the same energy as Isabela Madrigal from Encanto.

Same energy #MetGala

— J.A. (@ArrietaJustin) May 3, 2022

same vibes #MetGala

— guille ʚɞ -15 (@gwallshl) May 2, 2022

Fans didn’t also miss Shawn Mendes’ look as the singer donned an outfit similar to Doctor Strange’s look.

I can’t see the differences #MetGala

— Luchi (@lluchino_) May 2, 2022

how to unsee this 😭 #MetGala2022 #metgala

— wildin 🧠 (@gotwildt) May 2, 2022

Sebastian Stan’s hot pink ensemble was also compared to a pink Stabilo highlighter.

sebastian stan, so stunning #MetGala #MetGala2022

— grace ४ moon knight era ; MoM day (@merccvry) May 2, 2022

The groundbreaking black tuxedo

As the Met Gala is fashion’s biggest night out, for some Twitter users, men should wear more than just a black tuxedo.

The men in Met Gala every year:#MetGala #MetGala2022

— 🧣 WILDEST DREAMS AH AHAHAHA 🧣 (@swiftoursonggg) May 2, 2022

The men literally have no excuse this time 💀 #MetGala

— ♒️ Age of Aquarius ✨ (@NettaJxn) May 2, 2022

This should be an official rule. I’m so serious. #MetGala #MetGala2022

— ༺Nitza༻ (@nitzamanzano) May 2, 2022

men in #metgala every year be like

— ًً (@foIkIodrama) May 2, 2022

women and men at every #MetGala be like

— Картошька! krtsh-ka (@krtsh_kaa) May 3, 2022

Celebrities who nailed the assignment

While some celebrities didn’t follow the dress code, there are few who definitely did.

A case in point, Met Gala co-host Blake Lively was the talk of the town with her reversible rose gold gown that later on revealed a light blue train. Twitter users gushed about Lively for slaying the event with her show-stopping look.


— Mimi The Music Blogger (@mdaixo) May 2, 2022

blake lively will always understand the assignment #metgala

— ahmad (@thisisnotahmad) May 2, 2022



— BadgalVale (@badgalvale) May 2, 2022

if there’s one thing blake lively is gonna do it’s serve a look at the met gala

— delphine (@seeitinmymind) May 2, 2022

Apart from Lively, Genesis Camila Suero, a Telemundo reporter who covered the charity gala caught everyone’s attention. Donning a gold gown by Lucia Rodriguez, Suero stole the show for understanding the assignment and outdoing celebrities.


— paul (@TARL0S) May 2, 2022

SHE’S A REPORTER????? give her her 10s ,she ate those wanna be celebrities UP #MetGala

— N SAW MoM ᱬ (@bettergiaw) May 2, 2022


— sıla🏡 || IS SEEING LOUIS !! (@lightoflou) May 2, 2022

What were your favorite Met Gala 2022 memes? Let us know in the comments below!

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