The House of Celebrities 2: Daniela Navarro EXPLODES against Niurka in a fight VIRAL | VIDEO

Although there have already been some discussions within ‘The House of Celebrities 2‘, now one of the most intense occurred, in which Daniela Navarro exploded against Niurka in a Fight what was done viral because the actresses, in addition to insulting each other, were about to come to blows.

Within the reality show, two sides have already been formed, one led by Niurka and another by Laura Bozzo, for which it is practically impossible for them to agree on something, and it was because of these differences that they have that this Fight which created a very tense atmosphere within the House.

Why did Daniela Navarro explode against Niurka in ‘The House of Celebrities 2’? | VIDEO

The heated discussion began when the participants, who sleep in the purple room, went to the weekly budget meeting with their faces painted with crosses as a ‘symbol of war’, but Niurka He demanded that they paint themselves that way: “To begin with, give a little respect to the cross, which is the image of respect and faith”Said the actress and star in a high tone.

Given this, Daniela Navarro exploded and answered the Cuban: “If that’s going to be the tone, let’s all speak up”; As if this were not enough, in the style of NiurkaTold him: “hashtag, block it, this cu$% I can still show you”so he dropped his pants.

After this action, the vedette did not remain silent and yelled at her: “it’s fake plastic!”, to which the Venezuelan actress replied, “like your eyes and your hair and your teeth, your c*lo… everything is proportioned except your brain”.

Niurka He continued the discussion by saying: “My brain has already fed me, yours is going to starve you to death”so the Venezuelan argued when answering: “Marrying producers was what fed you and speaking ill of people”.

Finally, apparently the Fight what was done viral ended when Navarrese He retired to his room while he sent a last message to Niurkain which he mentioned: “Thank God that we can’t give each other lockdowns because if I hadn’t pulled out your teeth”.

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