The curse of Jennifer Lopez? The tarot predicts a dark future for Marc Anthony | Marca

At 53 years old, singer Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera, better known in the artistic world as Marc Anthony, is experiencing a personal and professional slump, since he has stopped shining, at least that’s what the stars reflect.

Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck

Sadness and loneliness

Through the broadcasting of a video, a tarot reader who manages the YouTube channel Milenium Tarot 179, took on the task of performing a card reading in order to know what the future holds for the New York singer.

“I see him sick, I don’t see him well and in love things are not looking good”, is the first vision that emerges from the clairvoyant when putting the cards on the table.

Then, another shocking piece of information about the interpreter, who a few weeks ago suffered an accident during a concert in Panama, comes up.

Marc Anthony is going through terrible times, it seems that there are lies, deceptions. There is a lot of depression, as if he has lost or is losing something”, warns the woman.

Bad luck in love for Marc Anthony

As for the sentimental field, a few months ago Anthony formalized his relationship with the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira. However, the Tarot indicates that she is apparently just hanging on his fame because she has no feelings for him.

“She says: ‘if I get married now, I stop shining’. At times she shows that she is very much in love, but she knows that this is to give more to talk about,” the medium said.

During the card reading it also comes out that Marc Anthony cries silently for being away from what was once his family with Jennifer Lopez.

“In the couple’s situation there is a lot of sadness, a lot of tears. Suffering for the kids, for his family. I see a pretty strong energetic fall for him in love. I don’t see him well; I see him very badly. He needs help”, concludes the psychic.

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