The Best Celebrity Baby Shower Themes Of 2020


Despite COVID-19 putting a kibosh on many baby showers in 2020, some celebrities still managed to have exceptional ones this past year.

The Best Celebrity Baby Shower Themes Of 2020

While 2020 was a difficult time to be able to throw baby showers safely, many celebrities managed to find ways to not only throw them but ensured that they had amazing themes as well.

Because it was safer to spend time outdoors with guests, those who threw showers generally opted to have the venue be outdoors. As a result, themes ranged from a fantasy garden to bohemian, to flowers galore, and more. And for those who were able to host a shower indoors, those themes did not disappoint either, as they were a combination of adorable and glamourous all in one.

Here are some of the best celebrity baby shower themes that came out of 2020.

Malika Haqq

Malika Haqq had a gorgeous indoor baby shower with a teddy bear theme
via Instagram/malikahaqq2020

One of the few baby showers that occurred indoors in 2020 was Malika Haqq’s, which happened in February, just before the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress’s best friend, Khloe Kardashian, threw a teddy bear themed shower at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. The guest of honor and attendees were asked to wear browns, tans, creams, and whites to the event to match the décor, which was supposed to represent what a teddy bear looks like.

As for food, everything was teddy bear themed, from sweet tea with a sticker on it stating it was “beary sweet”, to a large teddy bear cake, cookies that matched the theme, and more.

Not to go unmentioned was the décor that included balloon arches of varying lengths, gorgeous roses, and two large teddy bear-shaped topiaries for guests to take pictures in front of.

Eniko Hart

Eniko Hart had a bohemian themed drive-by shower complete with an Airstream
via Instagram/enikohart

Like much of those who had baby showers this year, Eniko and Kevin Hart opted for a drive-by version of the event. However, just because it was drive-by did not mean that there was not event planning that did not go into it, making it the most gorgeous shower attendees did not stay at for longer than a handful of minutes at a time.

The theme of the baby shower was, “Boho Bliss,” according to BET. To make the theme come to life, an Airstream trailer was the main decoration that was then adorned by stunning nude-colored flowers, grasses, and more. In front of the Airstream were pieces of furniture that varied from an elegant sofa with pillows to wicker and leather chairs. It truly made for a romantic looking shower to celebrate Eniko as well as her daughter-to-be.

Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan wore a skeleton costume to her Halloween-themed baby shower
via Instagram/Vanessa Morgan

What better way to celebrate Halloween and having a baby than by throwing a Halloween-themed baby shower?

Vanessa Morgan’s baby shower happened on Halloween itself. The guests, including her Riverdale castmates, all came in costume to celebrate the mother-to-be and her unborn son. Morgan chose a skintight skeleton costume, complete with face makeup for her ensemble, and looked radiant.

The attendees ate foods that were all in the spirit of the holiday, and there was even a cake that was the shape of a mummy with a baby popping out from the wraps, according to People.

What an inventive way to celebrate an expecting woman and enjoy a holiday all in one!

Brittany Nassif

Brittany Nassif had a glamourous pink-themed baby shower on her yacht for 2020
via Instagram/brittanypattakos

While the general theme of “pink” has been done numerous times by those who are celebrating the fact that they are expecting a baby girl, very few have likely been as glamorous as that of Brittany and Paul Nassif’s baby shower this past summer.

Taking to their yacht to throw their shower, there was pink, white, and gold adorning the interior of the ship from bow to stern. The balloon arches and flowers in different shades of pink with white were spectacular, but the real show stopper was all of the delicious desserts offered to guests.

According to Bravo!, the food included heart-shaped donuts, cupcakes with frosting as high as the eye could see, golden candies, crystal, gold, and pink cookies, and the pièce de résistance – the cake! A white fondant cake that had a slice cut out to reveal edible flowers and candies tumbling out in a variety of pink hues, surrounded by a border of gold. The entire event was a feast for the eyes!

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts had a fantasy garden themed shower with close friends and family in 2020
via Instagram/emmaroberts

In what can only be explained as a fantasy garden theme, Emma Roberts hosted an intimate shower with only 14 guests this fall that was completely captivating.

The actress chose to have her shower outdoors so that everyone could safely social distance. The décor was incredible, however.

While using the natural beauty of the outdoors, there were sanded down logs used as end tables for guests to be able to put their drinks and food down, endless vases of wildflowers, and perhaps the most unique decoration, and arguably the most beautiful, were rosebuds strung upside down from trees, almost looking like they were raining down from the sky above.

The food used elements from the outdoors as well, by baking edible flowers into cookies as well as cookies of shapes of things such as mushrooms, that would be found in a magical garden. The overall look was awe-inspiring.

Source: Elle, Cosmopolitan, BET, People, Bravo!

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