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The appearance of the ‘secret room’ at the house of 7 celebrities, its contents amaze – Having a successful career in the entertainment world, celebrities are slowly making their dreams come true. Not only being able to buy luxury cars, celebrities have also managed to build magnificent homes with various complete facilities.

Eits, but, not only equipped with various facilities, they also design it as comfortable as possible to make it more comfortable. If the saying goes ‘my house is my palace’.

However, behind the magnificent building, not many know that these celebrities have a ‘secret room’ in their house. If seen by naked eye, the room is no different. Looks disguised, not many people are aware of the contents in it.

Let’s not be curious, let’s see the summary from various sources, the appearance of a secret room at a celebrity’s house on Thursday (27/1).


1. Judging from the appearance of Arya Saloka’s residence, the actor of Aldebaran Ikatan Cinta has a secret room behind a cupboard. When the closet door was opened, it turned out that there was a minimalist bathroom with white shades.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube/Sing Kye

2. Not much different from Ruben Onsu’s house. Sarwendah’s husband made a shoe collection space behind the cupboard. This concept is made to look more presentable.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube/The Onsu Family

3. Recently renovated his house, if you pay attention, Andhika Pratama’s lounge is unique. Wall mounts similar to bookshelves are directly connected to the bathroom. Andhika deliberately chose a neutral color doorknob to disguise it.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube/Ussy Andhika Official

4. Behind the ornate glass cupboard, apparently Iis Dahlia has a fairly large walk-in closet. Seeing this sighting, Irfan Hakim looked amazed.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube / deHakims

5. Handika Pratama and Rosiana’s family room also looks spacious with various wall decorations. But who would have thought, behind the brown wall there was a dirty kitchen connected.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube/Aiman ​​Ricky

6. Behind the curtains of Syahnaz’s room there is a glass door that directly connects the room with the balcony.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube/Jeje & Nanas Channel

7. Behind the glass walk-in closet of Arie Untung and Fenita Arie, apparently there is a bathroom. The bathroom looks so spacious.

celeb's secret room apparition © YouTube

Photo: YouTube/ITIKK Family


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