T-Pain Calls Mark Zuckerberg, Lil Jon And Other Celebrities For Instagram Lessons


It’s safe to say that T-Pain has now mastered Instagram Live.

It’s been about two weeks since T-Pain announced that he had experienced an epic fail when it came to his direct messages on Instagram. He apparently had no idea that there was an entire section dedicated to direct messages and he was inadvertently ignoring all of his friends and a slew of critical messages.

T-Pain ironically took to social media with his hysterical confession and produced a video montage of all the big names he had ignored without even realizing it. There were messages from Fergie, ESPN, ENews, La La, and Diplo, that he had not even known were there, and mixed in with the bunch were more ignored messages from the likes of Kway, Viola Davis, and so many more.

After trolling his own epic social media fail, IGTV revealed that he’d decided to brush up on his skills by hosting what turned out to be an epic town hall with his celebrity friends.

Big Names Talk About The Big Mistake

Now that it’s all out there, T-Pain wants to flesh out the details of how Instagram works. He started off with Zedd, and got a few Instagram lessons, then proceeded to talk to a bunch of his friends about which buttons to hit, and what each function on the social media app actually does.

There were some interesting revelations about what T-Pain feels should be changed within the app to make it more user-friendly, and he is truly the best spokesperson for the cause these days, based on this recent experience.

Rich The Kid joined in and joined the live feed direct from the liquor aisle at the grocery store, cracked a beer, and continued the conversation with T-Pain, making light of his social media blunder.

Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg

When it comes to social media apps, Mark Zuckerberg definitely knows a thing or two. He joined the conversation with T-Pain to talk about the intricacies of algorithms and got technical about how the back-end of the app really works.

T-Pain expressed his dismay about the post button being at the top of the app and genuinely seemed confused about how the reels work. Zuckerberg admitted to there being a learning curve each time the app buttons get moved around and talked about a new feature called “hidden words” along with cyberbullying and the ability to continue using the app to the fullest extent.

The Town Hall was roughly an hour in length and T-Pain definitely did not disappoint.

The session was as light-hearted as it was informative, and he made sure to balance it out with just the right amount of entertainment value.

Included was a snippet of T-Pain & Rich The Kid’s new song,  the full version of T-Pain and Kehlani’s new single, and a fun chat with Lil Jon about what it was like to work on Usher’s Vegas Residency show.

It’s safe to say that T-Pain has mastered Instagram Live.

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