Strictly Come Dancing: 10 Most Popular Professionals, Based On Instagram Followers


While the focus and attention of Strictly Come Dancing gets placed onto the celebrities who take part in the show, without the professionals, the show wouldn’t be possible. These amazing dancers bring their skills to the forefront, putting together some amazing dances as they teach the celebrities, taking them from novices to skilled dancers across the show.

The dancers have been fantastic with their performances, and they always get to interject their own personalities as well, becoming as popular as the celebrities during that time. Because of that, they’ve been able to build up some huge fanbases for themselves, but out of the current crop of professional dancers, who is the most popular on Instagram?

10 Amy Dowden (207k Followers)

Amy Dowden has been involved in the show for the last four seasons, picking up a runners-up finish in 2019. But while she’s never managed to win the show, that hasn’t stopped Amy from growing a great following away from the dancefloor.

People are clearly invested in her as a person, and with her feed being such a personable one, with lots of posts about her life with detailed captions, it is easy to see why she’s been able to grow so many followers.

9 Johannes Radebe (223k Followers)

Johannes Radebe is one of the newer professional dancers, having joined the cast in 2019. He’s quickly won over the fans in that time, becoming a fan favorite with his charisma helping him to stand out from the rest of the dancers on the show.

That’s something that shines through on his Instagram feed as well, sharing a great array of pictures and videos that have been able to keep his fans entertained, growing his celebrity status even further.

8 Anton Du Beke (239k Followers)

Out of every professional dancer on the show, Anton Du Bek is arguably the most well-known. He has been involved in Strictly Come Dancing for every single season of the show’s history, which is an impressive feat, with Anton being the only professional to have that claim.

Throughout his many years, he has never won, often being pushed as a comedy act on the show. His ability to entertain has helped him win fans over, which he continues on his Instagram. Whether it’s giving dancing tips, showing backstage photos, or highlighting his many different projects, his feed is always a busy one.

7 Karen Hauer (269k Followers)

Karen Hauer isn’t just a professional dancer, but she’s also a fitness professional and that is something that she pushes heavily on her Instagram. Fans are able to follow along with her workouts or get different tips from her in regards to how to live a healthy life.

It makes her Instagram feed educational as well as entertaining, with the usual selfies and pictures of her day-to-day life also being put into her feed. Aside from Anton, Karen has been involved in the most season of the show, which is another reason she’s gained such a strong following.

6 Giovanni Pernice (428k Followers)

Giovanni Pernice is someone who thrives in the Latin dance environment, although he has put on great performances in different styles as well which has helped to make him one of the greatest professionals on the show.

His Instagram has great content for his fans, which varies from dance-related pictures and videos to modeling shots which always prove to be a hit for him. Fans love his content, and the fact he’s been able to build up such a following is an example of that.

5 Janette Manrara (433k Followers)

Janette Manrara has been involved in the show for eight years now, being one of the best performers to appear on the series in a consistent manner. Her dances are always great, and she has built up a huge reputation for herself on both this series and on So You Think You Can Dance

Her Instagram feed is varied and has a lot of great content that is both dance-related, and nothing to do with it as well. Whether it’s images of her travels, great quotes, or content from Strictly Come Dancing itself, it’s a fun feed that people can enjoy.

4 Aljaž Škorjanec (467k Followers)

Aljaž Škorjanec is someone who injects a lot of passion and love into his dance performances, and that is something that shines through on his Instagram feed as well. His profile has lots of great content, from behind-the-scenes photos and videos to pictures from the show itself.

He is in a relationship with fellow professional dancer, Janette Manrara, and they’ve become a true power couple that fans love, and people get to see that relationship in even more detail via his feed.

3 Oti Mabuse (572k Followers)

Oti Mabuse is one of the most charismatic dancers to have been involved in the show, having been involved in six seasons in a row now. She is one of the most talented performers to have been part of the show, which has been highlighted by the fact she’s won the two most recent seasons alongside Kelvin Fletcher and Bill Bailey.

Oti showcases her life in a great way on Instagram, with lots of behind-the-scenes footage from when she’s on the show, dancing and training her partners. Oti also highlights what is going on in her life outside of dance as well, which helps to make her account one of the most enjoyable for fans of the show.

2 Gorka Márquez (652k Followers)

Gorka Márquez has been involved in four seasons of the show, taking a break in season 17 before returning in the most recent series. Gorka has managed two-second place finishes, with Alexandra Burke and Maisie Smith which have helped to grow his popularity.

He is a great dancer and someone who brings a lot of personality into all of his performances. When it comes to his Instagram, the feed is filled with varied content, from his love of cooking and fitness to great family pictures, which makes it so fun watch.

1 Diane Buswell (846k Followers)

The most popular professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing is Diane Buswell, who is someone that fans have loved since she was part of the series. Originally, she was part of Dancing With The Stars in Australia, which built up her fanbase, which has only grown since joining the UK show.

While Diane has never won the show, she did manage to finish second place in series 16 with popular YouTuber, Joe Sugg, with who she has since got into a relationship. Her Instagram is a great feed, showcasing the journey that she and Joe have gone on since the show, which is something fans love.

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