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This day is one of the most special for the American population and to a large extent for some other countries, where mothers are honored for their noble gesture of engendering and forging the members of society.

In most corners of the nation, young and old alike celebrate their mothers with various tokens of affection for those who gave them life and continue to accompany them on their journey.

For this reason, several personalities took advantage of the benefits of technology to send a warm message to those who have the joy and responsibility of being mothers.

Below, we present some samples of affection from the hearts of several celebrities.

Signs of affection

Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, sent a message thanking his mother for taking care of him.

“Happy Mother’s Day… Thank you for always taking care of us. We love you very much,” he said.

For his part, Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was even more expressive in expressing his gratitude and affection to the one who gave him life.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful, lovely and most awesome mom out there! Today is a day to celebrate you mom, although every day is a celebration for what you have done in this world, Thank you for all you have done and for always being there for me!” he mentioned.

For his part, cornerback Richard Kevin Sherman, also joined the celebrations, but with a message addressed to his wife.

Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful Wife. Thank you for being such an amazing mother,” he said in a text accompanied by an image showing all the members of his family.

Former NBA player Jamal Crawford, who played 20 seasons as a professional and has been away from the court for two years, also chose the mother of his children to send her a message.

Happy Mother’s Day Tori! We love you. Mothers really make the world go ’round,” he said.

Another NBA star, who did not want to be left behind this day was Baron Davis and through a message even sent some flowers to his mother.

“You deserve your flowers, because you are an awesome mother! Every day is a celebration! Happy Mother’s Day!” he mentioned.

Model Gisele Caroline B√ľndchen, wife of quarterback Tom Brady, was more expressive in a message addressed to her mother where she summarized much of enormous work involved in being the engine of a home.

“A mother’s love. An indescribable feeling that challenges and inspires us to be better for our children…and our children. I feel blessed to continue receiving the gift of being a mother of special beings who teach me so much every day,” reads part of her text.

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