Sonali Bendre to Manisha Koirala: Celebrities who successfully fought cancer

Cancer is the deadliest disease in the world but these inspiring stories of your favorite celebrities who fought cancer are here to inspire you. Read on to know how they fought cancer.


Inspiring Stories Of Celebrities Who Fought Cancer

Inspiring Stories Of Celebrities Who Fought Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and is the second cause of mortality in the world. Every year millions of people get diagnosed with this deadly disease. A lot of Indian celebrities have successfully fought cancer too. Here are their inspiring stories that may help all those who are fighting with the disease to stay strong and remember that — if there is a will, there is always a way. In the list of famous celebrities who fought back cancer we have with us — Sonali Bendre, Manisha Koirala, Tahira Kashyap, and Sanjay Dutt.


Sonali Bendre Was Diagnosed With  Metastatic Cancer

Sonali Bendre Was Diagnosed With Metastatic Cancer

Veteran Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with ‘metastatic cancer’ in July 2018. She went to the US for her treatment. In an interview, the actress revealed that she cried the whole night after getting the cancer report. In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Being back on a set after a major sabbatical – one that has been testing in many ways on so many levels – is a surreal feeling. After all this, I sort of feel an additional sense of purpose and meaning and I’m so grateful to be back in action. I don’t think words would do justice to how beautiful it feels to be back at work…to face the camera again and portray the range of emotions required. Given that my emotions have been running high for the last couple of months, it feels good to give in to the emotions that the job requires. It’s just the kind of day that helps me.”

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