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Sir Paul McCartney believes that John Lennon was “all” auto-tuned.

The 79-year-old musician didn’t think the late Beatles bandmates needed to “correct” his voice, but he would have enjoyed experimenting with technology that smoothed recorded vocals.

Regarding the new Apple TV + documentary “Watching Sounds with Mark Ronson,” Paul said: You don’t often fix your voice, but you just play with it. “

And John’s son Sean Lennon said that the “Imagine” singer, who was shot dead in 1980, is always looking for “better sound” and is very interested in keeping up with the latest innovations in recording. I felt it, so I agreed.

He states: “There is no doubt that my dad didn’t just like his voice, like a single voice.

“Part of that is why he found all those phase effects because he was always trying to find a way to make his voice sound better for him.

“He wasn’t just keeping up with technology, the Beatles and my dad, they were always at the forefront of what’s happening. I think he would certainly have tried Autotune.”

Meanwhile, Paul recently finds it “difficult” to think about John’s death, thinking he will never “overcome” his friends who are victims of such “meaningless” acts. I admitted that I was there.

“Difficult to think. Redo the scenario in my head. Very emotional. Too many and really unthinkable. It’s a kind of implosion. What do you think about it other than anger? Sadness?

“Like any other bereavement, the only way to remember how good your relationship with John is is because you can’t overcome meaningless acts. You can’t think of it. It’s some form of denial. I’m sure, but denial, the only way I can deal with it. That said, of course I think about it, and that’s scary.

“You then do something to help yourself. I interviewed his son Sean. It was great — talking about how cool John was and a small gap in his knowledge. So what I can do is a small thing, but I know none of them can get over the hill and make it okay. “

Sir Paul McCartney: John Lennon would have used Autotune | Celebrities

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