She: “Women are under pressure to be sexy” | Celebrities


She says women are under pressure to be sexy.

A 24-year-old Grammy winner (full name Gabriella Wilson) explained that she strives not to get caught up in the unattainable standards that women are forced to deal with.

Regarding the July digital issue of GLAMOR UK, she said: “As a woman, there is pressure on what a woman should look like and what it means to be sexy. Sometimes you have to take off your clothes to be sexy. That’s not the case for me. You can be sexy in either way. Your definition of what it means to be a woman and what you dress is up to you, and no one else can rob or define it from you. Put it in a box “

And when it comes to personal icons, she reveals that singer and fashion designer Rihanna is her idol.

She said: “Honestly, Rihanna is one of them lately. I love Rihanna. And the makeup looks like she’s doing … she just gets it. We I like when lips look good on her because they have similar skin tones, “Oh, I think I can rock it.” Sometimes I want to be a rock star, Lenny Sometimes I want to be like Kravitz. Also, it’s Prince that I’m really influenced by. The look of my Oscar was the look of the Oscar when he won. I wanted to pay tribute to him. “

Half-black and half-Filipino, she is very proud of her heritage, but sometimes she admits that she feels both sides.

She explained: “Sometimes I felt too Filipino for a black kid and too black for a Filipino kid, or I went to a grocery store with my mother and people. [were] Like,’Is it your mom? Her hair is straight and your hair is curly. And it says, “I’m from both places. This is what you get.”

Read the full interview of GLAMOR UK July Digital Issue online now.

She: “Women are under pressure to be sexy” | Celebrities

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