Shakira had to cancel tour dates after losing her voice in a fight with Piqué, journalist claims

As soon as it was revealed that there were problems between Shakira and Piqué a lot of information has come to light, now it seems they had problems from way back.

All the information related to the breakup between Shakira and Piqué follows one after another. There has been news directly from Spanish news outlets and celebrity shows, and they are dedicated to revealing more details about the couple’s crisis in previous years.

Journalist Silvia Taulés unveiled some details about the couple in recent years in the Sálavame show.

Taulés also stated that there were problems since 2017.

During that year, the Shakira and the footballer had a strong couple crisis due to reported infidelity, according to the journalist herself.

She had to cancel a tour because of a fight

The conflict became so problematic that the argument would up with both screaming in the street, and that had further consequences, for example, on one occasion she screamed so loud that Shakira lost her voice. The singer had to cancel part of her tour because of this.

“They fought in the middle of the street in front of everyone,” explained Taulés in Sálvame. The couple would have suffered strong wear and tear for much longer than it is speculated.

More information about the life of Gerard Piqué appears

The reporter also talked about Piqué’s reported infidelities and his nightlife in Barcelona. She states that she is not surprised “Piqué’s fame in Barcelona’s nightlife comes from far away, it is not of these days”.

Taulés revealed more

The journalist claims that Gerard Piqué had a friendship with a famous Spanish singer, she says that this was going on while she was still with Shakira.

This information shows that the problems have been going on for quite some time Shakira and Piqué announced their separation after 12 years of dating through an official statement.

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