Ryan Dorsey looks back on a year after Naya Rivera’s funeral | Celebrities


Ryan Dorsey finds it still “difficult” to see pictures of Naya Rivera.

The 38-year-old actor pays homage to his ex-wife who accidentally drowned while boating with his 5-year-old son Josie last July on the funeral anniversary of Saturday (24.07.21). expressed. To be strong in time so that he can share more memories with their little boy.

He writes: “July will probably be a strange and difficult month, hoping that it will be abundant in the future … It’s still hard to see the pictures and I still can’t read or see anything … the year As time goes on, stay with me as I will share my memories with Josie, the brightest star in your heritage left on this planet, our beautiful son. “

Ryan started his post by looking back on how Josie “grown up” last year and praised the young man for being a “strong and resilient kid.”

He writes: “Today … a year ago we rested you. I still can’t believe it. It doesn’t seem to be a year because one year has passed. Our boy has grown so much. .many.

“He is a very explorer and very curious. He is sweet and very funny and his laughter always illuminates the room. He is an intuitive soul to say the least. Knowing him Is to love him and the people who meet him are always smiling.

“He’s okay. He’s a very elastic and strong kid.

“He misses you, but knows to see you again. The invisible string has helped us during this evolving transition of your time on Earth. It’s too early … (sic) “

The heartfelt post was accompanied by a black-and-white photo of Josie thumbs up at the camera. The photo was inlaid with a small photo of the “Glee” actress hugging him as a toddler, and Ryan explained the importance of the image he chose. ..

He writes: “Thumbs up … just turn right. I remember the first time he returned it to you. In Jiu-Jitsu, you raised his thumbs up and returned a gesture … it was very sweet. Maybe it’s ridiculous and doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to do this on IG and publish it, but that’s all. So … (sic) “

“Know what he is doing, fly high and rest in peace [thumbs up emoji] Okay … he’s raised properly, and he has a lot of families and people around him who love him and you. [heart emojis] (Sic) “

Ryan closed his post by sending love to others in a similar situation.

He concluded that: “For everyone who has experienced a similar loss event, I know that there really isn’t a word to make it better … I know that one day is better than the other … but our hearts. And know that energy is with you, we continue, because that is all we can do while being as strong as we can. [prayer and heart emojis] (Sic) “

Ryan Dorsey looks back on a year after Naya Rivera’s funeral | Celebrities

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