Reader criticizes COVID-19 ‘celebrity treatment’ for president’s allies

To the Editor:

A COVID-19 positive Rudy Giuliani (with few symptoms) got immediate treatment upon being admitted to the hospital. Rudy was given the very same rare, difficult-to-produce, and very expensive effective medicine that was given to President Trump.

Housing Secretary Ben Carson and (presidential adviser) Chris Christie received the same “celebrity treatment.”

Hospitals across the nation are running out of rooms and are only admitting the most serious patients. Because of the scarcity of this special drug regimen, some hospitals are running a lottery system to see which critical patient will get this special drug regimen.

California was given 23,000 doses even though they had 794,000 active cases. 3,000 American souls died the same day “celebrity” Rudy was discharged from the hospital.

The head of White House security lost his leg below the knee due to complications of the virus. His friends started a Go Fund Me page to help with his expenses. Obviously, he did not enjoy celebrity status like Trump’s friends.

Over 130 Secret Service members have tested positive thus far. The wealthy and well-connected always seem to get preferential treatment. What treatment will you get?

Randy Broussard


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