Perez Hilton Is Telling Other Celebrities To Take Racism Classes Like Camila Cabello


He hinted that former ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison might also attend classes – he left the franchise for defending a contestant accused of racism.

Blogger and media personality Perez Hilton has discussed singer and actress Camila Cabello on his website, stating that she took racism classes with the National Compadres Network following the uncovering of racist Tumblr posts she made when she was younger.

In 2019, Cabello’s old Tumblr posts were posted in a now-deleted tweet, which showed the artist reblogging photos of racial stereotypes and memes that included offensive language. Her Tumblr account has since been shut down.

After the controversy came out, she gave a statement to the media regarding her actions in the past, which Hilton included in his post.

“When I was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever,” she said. “I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it.”

The singer issued a full apology on Twitter and Instagram story soon afterwards.

Hilton continued with his own post after including the comment, writing, “It seems like a big step forward. We can’t help but wonder how one of the people most hurt by Camila’s racist past feels about this new Cabello.”

Although most readers already suspected that this mystery person who may have called out Cabello’s postings may be former Fifth Harmony member Normani (born Normani Hamilton), the blogger confirmed it anyways.

After the news of Cabello’s posts came out, Hamilton responded on her Instagram story that she was hurt and devastated, and the time it took for the former bandmember to respond made her feel like she was second to the relationship she had with her fans.

However, she went on to conclude the story by saying, “I don’t want to say that this situation leaves me hopeless because I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for personal growth.”

Hilton continued to say that “Camila did learn an important lesson and did grow as a person.” The singer has since dedicated her time working with the Healing Justice Project, which has raised over $250,000 for various organizations, including Freedon, Inc., Faith For Justice, and Black Leaders Organizing Communities.

Hilton also said about Cabello’s apology:

“If you want to believe she’s faking it or doing it all for the PR, go ahead. But it doesn’t change the fact she’s helping.”

He hinted that former Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison might also be attending classes after leaving the franchise following accusations of him defending a contestant accused of racism on the show.

Hilton is active on social media daily, mainly through Instagram, Twitter, and his website Cabello has not been involved in any other controversies involving racism since the 2019 incident and has is now on good terms with Hamilton.

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