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That’s embarrassing! People are sharing images of the AMAZING fake ‘celebrities’ they thought they met while in town – from a bad Cardi B lookalike to an untrustworthy Brad Pitt doppelganger

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On TikTok, users have looked back on nights out when they thought they were running into famous people. Many of them managed to take pictures with the stars, including Brad Pitt, Cardi B, Matthew McConaughey, Ed Sheeran and Timothée Chalamet. But when they woke up the next morning and looked at their prize selfies, they were stunned — and a little embarrassed — to realize they weren’t chatting with Hollywood after all. They’ve shared the funny pictures they took with these fake stars – some of them look a bit like their famous counterparts, and others that really look nothing like the celebrities the then-drunk TikTokers were so excited to “meet.” Click through to see hilarious celebrity spotting fail…

TikTok user Laura Jane admits she had a long night when she came across ‘Ed Sheeran’, although the man she actually met is quite similar to the singer.

Pictured: The real Ed Sheeran.

Yaks! To be fair to TikTok user @burritogirl69, who thought she met Lil Wayne, how many people actually have facial tattoos?

Pictured: The real Lil Wayne.

Another! Seems like quite a few of these fake stars are playing along with their fans, like this one who pretended to be, in fact, DJ Khaled.

In the photo: the real DJ Khaled.

Stranger things have happened! Sophia thought she was running into actor David Harbor, but it was just a man with a beard.

Pictured: The real David Harbour.

One way Rachel Moseley could be sure she’d met the real Jake Paul: Was he inconsiderate of everyone around him?

Pictured: The real Jake Paul.

This guy really looks like Justin Bieber, but he’s not quite the Canadian superstar, despite some social media sleuthing.

In the photo: the real Justin Bieber.

Far away! Some “lookalikes” definitely don’t look like the real deal, like this guy whose hair looks a bit like Harry Styles’ locks.

Pictured: The real Harry Styles.

Oops! Bekah was convinced she was running into 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford, but woke up to this photo.

Pictured: The real Katherine Langford.

uh… ok? MMA fighter Bruno Oliveira thought he saw Cardi B. He didn’t.

Pictured: The real Cardi B.

Fooled: Ellie posed for photos with another person on a night out who happened to be named James — but wasn’t YouTuber James Charles, as she thought.

Pictured: The real James Charles.

Does anyone really know what he looks like? Quite a few TikTokers thought they encountered Post Malone on a night out.

Pictured: The real Post Malone.

So Hollywood: Another TikToker saw a man with long blond hair and was convinced she saw Brad Pitt.

The real Brad looks a little… different.

Agree? A drunk TikToker snapped a photo of ‘Matthew McConaughey’.

Pictured: The real Matthew McConaughey.

TikToker Millie even shared her photo with a fake ‘Drake’ on Snapchat.

In the photo: the real Drake.

In on it: A young man mistaken for Timothée Chalamet just went along when a ‘fan’ took his photo.

Pictured: The real Timothée Chalamet.

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