Pakistani celebrities launch ‘give royalties to artists’ campaign

Pakistani celebrities launch ‘give royalties to artists’ campaign

Pakistani celebrities have launched a campaign on social media demanding royalties that TV and film artists are entitled to.

The ‘royalties for artists’ campaign was initiated in light of renowned TV actress Naila Jaffery requesting for royalties for the re-runs of her dramas for her cancer treatment.

In order to raise their voice on the matter, Pakistani stars turned to Instagram on Sunday evening with #giveroyaltiestoartists hashtag, saying ‘it is time to make this happen’.

Mahira Khan, Yasir Hussain, Mansha Pasha, Sakina Samo, Zara Noor Abbas, Armeena Khan, Kübra Khan, Asad Siddiqui and others raised their voices to ask for royalties to artists.

Zara Noor Abbas said, “In every industry, there are some rules. Some laws. Let’s have it set in ours too. Let’s acknowledge the ones who ENTERTAIN you on the COST of their lives. #giveroyaltiestoartists”.

Mansha Pasha said, “Its time to make this happen. #giveroyaltiestoartists”.

Asad Siddiqui said, “In tough times, solidarity is the force. We stand together, hand in hand. #giveroyaltiestoartists.”

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