Olivia Wilde Once Said This Disgraced Celebrity Was Her Idol


Even celebrities have idols: Olivia Wilde once admired this disgraced celebrity.

Though her recent headlines alongside Harry Styles have drawn ire from former One-Directioners, Olivia Wilde doesn’t seem bothered by it in the least. The actress continues to hold her head high, focusing on her craft, while apparently enjoying her blossoming relationship with Styles.

That doesn’t mean fans are happy about it, though. But the thing is, Olivia’s come a long way from being a shy up-and-coming actress. Years ago, she was eager to dive into acting work, aiming to please Hollywood without losing herself in the process.

But back in 2007, she was a bit starstruck by one particular celebrity that she called her idol.

In an interview with The Observer, the then-23-year-old Wilde was about to star in a New York play. But she had big dreams of working with big-name directors, and she listed names like Martin Scorsese and Kimberly Peirce as her ultimate dream directors.

On that same list was Woody Allen, noted The Observer. Even casual observers (since it seems Woody Allen may not have many true fans left) recall that it was back in 1992 when Allen revealed he was in love with his former partner’s adopted daughter, who was 35 years his junior.

Between accusations that he had acted inappropriately with his own daughter, along with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, Allen’s credibility seemed to drop as fellow celebrities began to question him.

In terms of naming Allen as her idol back in 2007, Olivia may have made a bit of a newbie misstep. She explained that she had recently met him and was so nervous to speak to him because she’d heard how Golde Hawn’s audition went — Allen told her she talked too much.

Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, their children, and Soon-Yi Previn
via The New York Times

But when she met him, Olivia said Allen was “charming and very sweet” and stated that she’d “love to do a movie with him — or 10!”

What’s ironic is that Woody Allen once stated he had no idols, but that he’d love to work with Diane Keaton. The pair did wind up working together and apparently had a romantic relationship, too. That was long before the drama with his now-wife Soon-Yi and Soon-Yi’s adoptive mother Mia.

But as far as Woody remaining an idol in Hollywood today? Plenty of celebrities have spoken out against him, saying they regret ever working with the writer and director. While he, perhaps, hasn’t been officially disgraced, plenty of creatives now shun him, and his autobiography was dropped by its original publisher (though later released elsewhere).

Wilde may have missed a memo though; in 2016, she directed a live read of one of Allen’s scripts. She also told red carpet reporters at the 2013 release of ‘Rush’ that she would love for Woody to be her ‘passenger.’

Interesting stuff!

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