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Normani believes that making new music “saved” her.

The 25-year-old singer was keen to continue working in the fight against breast cancer in her mother Andrea Hamilton.

Normani, who recently released his new single “Wildside,” said: “Last year, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“For me, to be honest, it really helped me to bring this work to the world.

“Even if she’s just using FaceTime while she’s doing chemotherapy and radiation and wants to update on the progress and music flow of this video, she really gets over it. I did.

“It brought the darkest times of our lives to my family.”

Former Fifth Harmony Stars have sometimes felt guilty about working in Andrea’s fight for health.

However, Normani, whose mother first received cancer treatment when the pop star was only four years old, was urged by her family to continue writing and recording new music.

She told Power 106: “In order for it to happen again, there are many moments that are very important and elevated for my career … I thought I needed to be at home. You can be physically there with her.

“I remember being in the clinic with her after she had surgery in October. She said,” Baby, I’ll be fine. All I need for you is concentration. I You need to be Normani. I need you. To be your own best version. I need you to keep working hard. We have to put out this music No. We have an influential world. “She was like,” I’ll be fine. “

“What my mom says, to be completely honest, I believe.”

Normani: Making music saved me | Celebrities

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