Niurka is eliminated from The House of Celebrities 2 – American Chronicles

The singer and actress left the Telemundo reality show on Monday’s broadcast

Niurka Marcos is the famous Cuban vedette who has highlighted that she is the eliminated of the week from the famous reality show La Casa de los Famosos 2, as it has been confirmed this Monday, June 20, 2022.

It should be noted that the announcement was made by an Instagram account that handles content from the Telemundo reality show and that has previously been successful in leaving other members such as Julia Gama or Luis Caballero.

It is not surprising that from the first moment it was known that Niurka Marcos was one of the nominees, fans of La Casa de los Famosos flooded social networks with the #FueraNiurka and it seems that their have come true.

At the night gala there is only one participant left along with Niurka, the latter being the one announced as the sixth eliminated from Telemundo’s reality show.

After the departure of the famous Cuban, some comments have been highlighted such as: “If they don’t come out with their frauds, someone else comes out with it”, “Yes, it was Niurka, she thinks she is untouchable”, “It’s the best thing that can happen”, ” Justice has been done.

And their sheep will continue”, “I hope so”, “If it is true please”, “I hope so, enough of so much bad vibes”, “It will be A WORLD CELEBRATION DAY”, is what users write in social network profiles

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