Nick Esposito: Celebrity con

Celebrity con

• World’s Dumbest Criminals: President Trump knew the facts about COVID-19 and — with deadly consequences — he covered it up and lied. Trump is an accomplice to the death toll and we would have never known, if not for his own stupidity. He was so focused on his image and how he might be portrayed in a book by author Bob Woodward, that he said during a taped interview that the virus is much worse than the flue — it is deadly and easily spread, it is airborne. Then Trump continued to lie and people continued to die. He chose not to tell the truth and help prevent excessive deaths so he is an accomplice that told on himself.

• American Greed: Millions of Americans are in financial and emotional distress and Trump announced that he would not work on a stimulus deal until after the election. Then post-election, Trump is only concerned with trying to change the election results and doing nothing to get the COVID relief funds and unemployment funds to the people that desperately need it.

This year we learned that Donald Trump has major debt. An estimated $400 million due soon, and as much as $900 million due over the next few years. Not to worry America, Mr. Trump has figured it out.

Trump removed the USA from the Open Skies Treaty, then he actually ordered to have our surveillance planes dismantled. Russia and China are happy, probably enough to provide debt relief for him.

Trump is stripping Alaska’s environmental protections, knowing that there are corporations waiting for their opportunity and happy to compensate him for changing federal laws and policies. He fast-tracked a half-dozen projects, including drilling, mining, and trying to cut roads through a rainforest.

Spoiler Alert! Trump lies to everyone. He started a fund-raising campaign for his “election court battles” asking the American people to send him money. But the fine print says Trump can use those funds for anything he wants including paying off his debts.

Trump is willing to screw anyone and sell out America in order to take advantage of any opportunity for his personal financial gain.

Trump tried to deceive the IRS. Investigators have uncovered Trump’s tax fraud, including the shell company that he created in order to acquire his father’s fortune with the intent to avoid having to pay the gift tax.

This show usually ends with the subject being arrested and put in prison. Is that why Trump wants to pardon himself?

— Nick Esposito/Vallejo

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