New Girl: 10 Funniest Celebrity Appearances, Ranked


Everyone loves sitcoms for their humor and quirky characters, and part of that charm certainly comes from having celebrity guest stars – that either play a hilarious character or themselves – to give a bit of extra entertainment for an episode or two.

New Girl is no exception to this rule, and throughout the series, there are some pretty great appearances by some of our favorite celebrities. It’s time to throw it back and look at the ones that were the most memorable and as well as the funniest.

10 Adam Brody

New Girl Adam Brody

For fans of The O.C. Or Gilmore Girls, it was definitely an exciting moment when Adam Brody walked into the frame on this sitcom. In fact, it was for a role, Berkley, that literally no one expected.

He wears a cardigan, he’s a weird hippy dad, and he’s Jess’ ex and best friend. That’s all fans need to know about his quirky and also pretty funny character. Throughout this episode, fans got a whole new side of him and got to enjoy his chemistry with Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson.

9 Elizabeth Berkley

New Girl Elizabeth Berkley

In a strange kind of cross-over, Saved By the Bell alum joined this series to play the new principal of Coolidge Middle School, that Jess certainly doesn’t get along with very well.

Becky is arrogant and annoying, and Jess has kindly nicknamed her the ‘sloppy boob lizard’. It’s only more funny for sitcom die-hards to know and appreciate the fact that she’s played by Berkley.

8 Lisa Bonet

New Girl Lisa Bonet

If the teacher convention with Coach, Jess, and Ryan wasn’t a fantastic and entertaining episode in its own right, Lisa Bonet as the chill and easy-going group leader was the cherry on top.

Lisa Bonet is a queen in the entertainment industry, and fans probably immediately shouted ‘no way!’ At their screens when they first saw Lisa Bonet. The unlikely cameos are certainly the best ones.

7 Taran Killam

New Girl Taran Killam

Taran Killam is a household name in television and comedy (and fans will remember his cameo from How I Met Your Mother), so real fans would have definitely appreciated his stint as Fred. This is the episode where Jess is in love with his parents (who we also won’t forget as Henry Winkler and Julie Hagerty) but doesn’t want to hang out with Fred.

Killam is goofy, awkward, and absolutely hilarious. This celebrity appearance was another short-lived moment, but every second was memorable and funny. Taran Killam and Zooey Deschanel are a perfect match.

6 Jamie Lee Curtis

New Girl Jamie Lee Curtis & Rob Reiner

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of few on this list that recurs throughout the series, but fans immediately fell in love with her as Jessica Day’s mother. Jamie Lee Curtis is one name that everyone knows, and it was refreshing and perfect to have her on the show.

With the cringy moment of her flirting with Nick and her rekindling the connection with her ex-husband (also hilariously played by Rob Reiner), Curtis definitely left a mark on the series and deserves a nod of appreciation.

5 Josh Gad

New Girl Josh Gad

Real film lovers will know and appreciate the humor and brilliance of Josh Gad, and fans of this show will also forever know him as Bear Claw. His name is hilarious in itself, but is so is his sweet and innocent character.

Honestly, Jess probably could’ve done worse than Bear Claw, and her date with him wasn’t even terrible. Fans want to protect Josh Gad at all costs, and especially this funny appearance.

4 Andy Samberg (& The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast)

New Girl Andy Samberg

While there are always celebrity appearances in sitcoms, fans can only be so hopeful for a cross-over episodeNew Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine aren’t exactly similar, but when the crew in loft 4D headed to New York, they naturally ran into the 99th precinct.

Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) high-jacking Jess’ car has to be up there for one of the best cross-over moments to ever hit the small screen. This was a perfect episode for sitcom fans.

3 Linda Cardellini

New Girl Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini might be one of the most talented actresses of today, and her three-episode stint as Jess’ sister, Abby, might just be the best short-lived appearance she’s ever had in television or film.

She’s arrogant, selfless, bold, loud, and is sleeping with Schmidt. There’s really nothing to do but laugh and cringe at this character, and again, is made infinitely more hilarious by Cardellini’s brilliance.

2 Taylor Swift

New Girl Taylor Swift

If Cece and Shivrang’s wedding wasn’t already a total mess (including a badger!), literally no one expected Taylor Swift – or Elaine – to stand up and proclaim her love for Shivrang.

It was a short moment, but it’s still without a doubt one of the best celebrity cameos in any sitcom. Shivrang and Elaine probably lived happily ever after, and an appearance from Taylor Swift is a rare and wonderful thing.

1 Prince

New Girl Prince

There really isn’t much competition when it comes to the funniest celebrity appearance being Prince. Not only is it super unexpected, but the entire episode is just so cringy and absolutely hilarious.

From Nick passing out to Prince dressing Jess in lavish clothes to the gang singing with him on stage, every moment of Prince’s episode is total gold. It definitely wins as the most hilarious from the series.

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