Nathalie Emmanuel was helped by yoga | Celebrities


Nathalie Emmanuel turned to yoga when her mental health was “deteriorating.”

The “F9” actress has been a big fan of this practice since she was 18 and realized she was having a hard time. These days, I love this actress because there is no “pressure” at all.

She states: “What I like about yoga is that there is no pressure to stay in top shape. Even if you lie on the mat for an hour and breathe intentionally, you are doing yoga. Will be.

“”[When I was 18] My mental health was getting worse, so I took the first class in response. “

The 32-year-old star had been suffering from her body image for years until she realized one day when she looked back on her memories on Facebook.

She explained in a new issue of Women’s Health magazine: “Do you know how your memory of 6 or 4 years ago looks on Facebook? The photo was displayed on my cell phone and I went!’

“But I remember that too at that time. [of that photo], I was overweight and thought I had to do all these unhealthy things.

“We are constantly defeating ourselves, not perfect.”

Earlier “Game of Thrones” stars knew that they needed to change their mindset to be more positive about themselves.

“We had to change the way we interact with the movement and decide what we wanted to get from it,” she added.

Natalie tries the vegan diet for a week, and after being satisfied with the results, follows the vegan diet.

And a month after eliminating animal foods, she returned to her British family and realized she had made the right decision in a week of indulging in her childhood favorites.

She recalled: “She brought up all the delicious food I ate. In fact, I didn’t feel that good. Then I said,” Oh, everyone … I think I’m vegan. ” I did. “

Nathalie Emmanuel was helped by yoga | Celebrities

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