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Comedy fans have been enjoying the new Netflix show Murderville since season 1 was released earlier this year. From the dynamic characters to the engaging and hilarious script, fans had loved watching Will Arnett’s Detective Terry Seattle solve a number of crimes and cases.

Many viewers have also loved how the celebrity guests featured in each episode do so much to make the show an absolute delight (and fans likely have their favorites). While most of the guests are comedians or have ventured into comedic acting before, each has their own unique claim to fame and their Instagram followers clearly display their popularity.

Kumail Nanjiani (1M Followers)

Kumail Nanjiani is the guest in episode three of season 1 and is as fun to watch as he is in any comedy project. He and Will Arnett have incredible chemistry and the viewers can tell they are both having so much fun with each other (especially in the scene where Kumail is keeping up his cool guy walk in the hallway while making a signature sound).

Impressively, Nanjiani has over 1 million followers on Instagram and is probably experiencing new heights of fame after making his MCU debut as the powerful Kingo in EternalsHe is not the most active on Instagram, but he loves to share his latest projects or pictures with his wife, Emily.

Ken Jeong (1.2M Followers)

Season 1 closes with Ken Jeong, who was the final celebrity to join Detective Terry Seattle’s side. Jeong clearly has a blast throughout the process as he keeps laughing throughout all the scenes. Although some fans enjoy improvisers laughing during material more than others, they would still agree that the finale is great overall.

With 1.3M followers, Jeong’s Instagram feed is largely dedicated to material from the singing reality shows on which he appears. He is both a judge on the popular reality show The Masked Singer and the host of I Can See Your Voice. Strangely enough, I Can See Your Voice also involves celebrity detectives, just like Murderville, so Jeong must have felt right at home.

Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco (1.7M Followers)

Successful comedian and former Late Night personality, Conan O’Brien, is the first familiar face to appear as a celebrity guest detective trainee in episode one of Murderville (the American spinoff of a British sitcom). He accompanies Will Arnett throughout the journey of their case, and even gets to stop off for Sloppy Jalapeñjoes and a Sloparita.

Conan has been known to have a personal Instagram before, but it is currently inactive. However, while he may not be on it directly, the official Team Coco Instagram is still going strong and sharing all things Conan from screenshots of his tweets, to clips from his show, and new projects of his (including podcasts).

Annie Murphy (1.8 M Followers)

The wonderfully hilarious Annie Murphy is the guest detective on episode four of the season. She has fun playing detective for the day, even when she can’t hear the characters in the story of Will Arnett’s antics. Fans seem to love the scene when Murphy goes undercover in a full wig and mustache as Detective Seattle feeds her lines.

Many TV fans will find that Murphy is very relatable as she has included one of Dwight Schrute best quotes (from The Office) as her Instagram bio. Her feed displays many career updates, including the final awards season with the Schitt’s Creek cast and promos for her AMC Plus series Kevin Can F Himself.

Marshawn Lynch (@INT. BEASTMODE – 1.9M Followers)

Marshawn Lynch is the second celebrity guest to arrive in Murderville (and appears in one of the best episodes too), and he carries himself with so much energy and excitement throughout the process that it ends up being a performance fans will likely remember best at the end of the watch. He is always ready to give an unexpected, earnest, hilarious improvised response to whatever is thrown his way.

Fans may have to google him to find his Instagram since it does not come up when you search his name, but make no mistake, the page is all Lynch. He shares tons of content he’s involved in like commercials, shorts, film appearances, and even some Murderville deleted scenes that fans can track down to get more of Detective Marshawn.

Sharon Stone (2.9M Followers)

The legendary Sharon Stone graces Murderville with her presence in the penultimate episode and brings a glowing joy all her own. She plays such an unlikely comedic foil to Will Arnett with style. While it gets pretty messy after Terry pretends to be a doctor, Stone is there keeping the situation under control, trying to fill a coffee cup with blood.

There are some big names that appear in Murderville for detective training, but none of them even come close to the popularity of Sharon Stone. The incredible number of followers keep coming to her Instagram for a versatile assortment of content. She posts relatable pictures of friends and family, videos she takes during travel, ads she’s appeared in, and projects she’s excited about.

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