Most Followed Korean Idols, Celebrities on Instagram in January 2022: BLACKPINK Jennie …

As of January 2022, the rankings for idols and celebrities with the most followers on Instagram were dominated by BLACKPINK members! Following them, IU, actress Jung Ho Yeon and more also entered the top 17!

BLACKPINK Jennie Secures Spot as ‘Instagram Queen’ Among Korean Idols, Celebrities

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As of Jan. 31, BLACKPINK Jennie stands as the most followed Korean idol and celebrity with 61.8 million followers.

In particular, having numerous followers on the sns is one of the measures to know how popular and powerful a star is. This can also be used to assess the celebrity awareness of social media users.

With a whopping 61.8 million followers, Jennie proved her rise as “Global It Girl,” who is not only loved by fans as a BLACKPINK member but a star who also dominates in the fashion scene.

In her Instagram, the “SOLO” singer often showcases her “Human Chanel” image as the luxury brand’s global ambassador. The female idol is also the ambassador for makeup brand HERA and is always praised for her wannabe visual and body ratio.

BLACKPINK Jisoo, Rosé Complete Top 3 Most Followed Korean Idols, Celebrities on Instagram

Following Jennie, the other two BLACKPINK members also reigned in the top 3. Currently, Jisoo has 55.6 million Instagram followers and is ranked second place. Jisoo, who starred in the JTBC’s hit drama, “Snowdrop,” showed a big leap on her social media supporters following her debut as an actress.

Also, Rosé, who skyrocketed in the music scene after her solo debut with “On the Ground,” has 54.7 million followers on the platform.

IU, Jung Ho Yeon, More: Top 17 Korean Idols & Celebrities with Most Instagram Followers (January 22)

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Trailing behind the BLACKPINK members, IU maintained her strong position in fourth place with 24.8 million followers. Aside from being Korea’s representative singer, IU also rose as a versatile actress, notable for her works such as “Mister,” “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” and “Hotel Del Luna.”

In the top 5, Jung Ho Yeon, who experienced sudden popularity following megahit Netflix’s series, “Squid Game,” now has 23.6 million followers.

Here Are the Top 17 Korean Idols, Celebrities with Most Instagram Followers:

Most Followed Korean Idols, Celebrities on Instagram in January 2022: BLACKPINK Jennie, IU, Jung Ho Yeon, MORE!

(Photo : IU, Jennie, Jung Ho Yeon (News1))

1. BLACKPINK Jennie (61.8 million)

2. BLACKPINK Jisoo (55.6 million)

3. BLACKPINK Rosé (54.7 million)

4. IU (24.8Ml million)

5. Jung Ho Yeon (23.6 million)

6. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon (17.7 million)

7. Bae Suzy (17.2 million)

8. HyunA (17 million)

9. Lee Sung Kyung (13.2 million)

10. Park Shin Hye (13.2 million)

11. Red Velvet Joy (13.1 million)

12. Jeon Somi (13.1 million)

13. Girls’ Generation Yoona (13 million)

14. Song Hye Kyo (12.7 million)

15. Kim So Hyun (11.8 million)

16. Red Velvet Seulgi (11.3 million)

17. f(x) Krystal (10 million)

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