Morocco orders probe into Algerian celebrities‘ humiliation of children

RABAT – Moroccan authorities ordered Monday an investigation into a social video published by Algerian “celebrities” during which they humiliated Moroccan children in Marrakech.

Mourad Elajouti, president of the Club of lawyers in Morocco, told the media that “in accordance with proven data, it is expected that the authors who perpetrated this video recording will be prosecuted for the main charges of inciting hatred, defamation and publishing photos of people without their consent” which are punishable by criminal penalties.

Elajouti called on the competent authorities to close the borders in front of the defendants until they are tried.

The Moroccan Lawyers Club is preparing to file a complaint on this case with the king’s prosecutor at the Marrakech Court of First Instance.

It strongly denounces the hateful, unethical, and discriminatory comments by the so-called humourists and influencers targeting Moroccan children.

“These odious comments have tarnished the reputation of Moroccan children,” it concluded.

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