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Mollie King “always wanted” a child.

The singer on New Year’s Day was engaged to cricket player Stuart Broad on New Year’s Day (01.01.21). She wants a lot of kids and is looking forward to starting a family with him.

She said, “I absolutely want a family. That’s what I’ve always wanted.” I really want a really big family. That’s what I want to have in the future.

“All my biggest dreams are to fall in love and I feel very lucky to meet Stuart.” The following is hoping that someday the little kids will run around. Everything works fine. “

The 33-year-old beauty admitted that the blockade felt “severe” and realized how grateful she was around her loved ones.

She told the Guilty Pleasures column of the Metro newspaper:

“It was a lonely year without my family. He told me that I just wanted to chat with my family and friends. That’s all that matters.”

Molly would “never say” to Saturday’s reunion idea, but she admitted that it was unlikely to happen soon.

She states: “We are all busy doing a lot of things, so I don’t think it will happen in the next few years,” he said.

Molly revealed in March that she and Stuart hadn’t dated their wedding yet due to the coronavirus pandemic, but she has many ideas for a dream day.

She said: “We haven’t booked a date yet. We’ve only heard announcements about weddings in the last few weeks. [by the government]..

“I’m lucky to be with him and engaged. I don’t have to do this now. I dream of marrying him and want to date. Very It’s fun. [thinking about it] But we are taking it slowly. You need to pay attention to all the guidelines and so on.

“It’s fun to make a mood board. It can’t be helped. I’m doing it on Instagram. I’m very excited. I’m posting about destinations and dresses … Lots of nice messages from people who are going to be brides. I keep crossing my fingers for everyone. These people have been planning for years and saving for the day of their dreams. I have all the pieces for them I want you to match it. “

Mollie King wants a big family | Celebrities

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