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Everybody has their own unique celebrity crushes. I’m always curious about a person’s celebrity crushes, because it usually gives some added insight into that person.

The crew at Shane Co. was wondering which celebrities are most commonly crushed on by Americans, so they did a study to find out. They analyzed search volume for over 130 male and female celebrities to determine the most popular celebrity crushes in each state. They went so far to describe them as the “top dream celebrity husband and wife” in each state.

As it turns out, two celebrities stuck out nationally. “The top celebrity crushes over the past year are Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jennifer Aniston!” the study says. “The Rock may be the focal point of many memes and jokes, but turns out Americans can’t resist his perfectly carved physique. Representing the women is the star-studded actress Jennifer Aniston, who seems to only get more beautiful with time. And good news for all who have her at the top of their list: she’s single!” They added that “men that round out the list come from a variety of demographics and industries. Drake is the youngest of the men at 35, while 68-year-old Pierce Brosnan also makes an appearance.” As for women, “There’s a solid mix of singers like Beyoncé and Shakira and actresses like Emilia Clarke and Mila Kunis that have caught the attention of the nation.”

So, who is Michigan crushing after? Dwayne Johnson was the top male celebrity crush in Michigan. Since he was the top pick overall, no matter the state, I guess it’s not surprising. As for women, Kate Upton was the top female celebrity crush in Michigan. Again, not surprising because she’s from here and definitely a crush-worthy pick. View the full study of the top dream celebrity husbands and wives in each state here.

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