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Michael Buble and his wife want to renew their wedding vows.

The 46-year-old singer and her spouse Luisana Lopilato, with Noah, 8-year-old, Elias, 6-year-old, and 3-year-old Vida children, are celebrating their 11th anniversary this year. To be able to get involved with each other.

He states:

“Our kids often ask why they didn’t attend our wedding. They don’t really understand why they didn’t go there.

“So that’s one of the things we thought about.” What do you know, we have a lot to celebrate in our lives. , And all that. So I could be there this time. “

Luisana starred in Michael’s latest music video, “I don’t love you,” and sharing his work with his wife, who starred in the 2009 “Heaven” promotion, was “the most amazing moment in the world.” I admitted that it was. t you still met. “

He tells “Entertainment Tonight”:

“She is a beautiful person. I was able to level up to a great level, get inspiration for making music, work with her and laugh with her. It’s great. We laughed so much. We talked about how lucky we are, it’s the best moment in the world, and it’s pretty good to share it with the love of my life. “

The video pays homage to some of the cinema’s romantic moments, and the subject matter felt appropriate for a couple.

Michael said: “Fifteen years ago, I saw my wife had a song she wrote for her at the place where I met her at a grocery store. At the end of the song, it’s all just a fantasy, so I Had this idea in Michael Buble’s film experience, “Why can’t I make a sequel? Why can’t this be a sequel?” So, at the end of the video, M. Instead of seeing people I died, like Night Shyamalan, I once again imagine all of this and realize that I have imagined everything.

“My wife and I have experienced and respected some of the most romantic parts of the film and some of the most amazing moments in the history of the film, and in honor we love them very much. We love each other and At the end of the video, you once again find out that I’m indulging in fantasy.

“But the difference now is that the girl in the video of Haven’t Met Face, who was her girlfriend at the time 15 years later, is his wife and they have three beautiful children.”

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