Melissa Rivers Feels the Red Carpet That Celebrities Walk for Events Have Lost Its Charm

Actress Melissa Rivers says that the red carpet that celebrities walk for events seem to have lost its charm. The 53-year-old said that this has been happening since some time now. “I think the red carpet has been on life support for quite a while, sadly,” Rivers told Page Six, according to a report in Golden Globes 2021: Gal Gadot, Emma Corrin, Cynthia Erivo and Others – Meet the Best Dressed Celebs From the Awards Night!

However, she says that celebrities must talk about the designer they are wearing when asked such questions at the red carpet. “Most of you are being paid to wear this, so show me in your contract where it says you don’t have to mention who it is. They deserve the credit. You’re a walking billboard!,” she said. Woody Allen’s Former Wife Mia Farrow Reveals She Encouraged Their Adopted Daughter to Bond with the Filmmaker Before Discovering Their Affair.

She adds the red carpets have also lost their edge because people blindly wear what their designers ask them to. “Everybody was being paid by designers to wear their clothes or their jewellery, and you lost a lot of personality. That’s not what it should be about! You want to see that people have actually picked their clothes,” she said, adding: “With virtual, you’re not gonna have any mishaps, any malfunctions — which sadly takes a lot of the fun out of it.”

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