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Meghan McCain is proud to make “unpredictable choices”.

Husband Ben Domenech and a 36-year-old star with nine-month-old Liberty have been hit by “many, many questions” since they announced they would leave “The View” last week. .. Speculation about why she decided to quit claimed she enjoyed taking risks and jumping into the unknown.

She tweeted. “Last week, I was asked a lot of chatter, a lot of gossip, a lot of, a lot of questions …

“I always take great risks, roll dice and take pride in making unpredictable life and career choices.

“I never fit in a box, and I never do it. Live or die freely.”

Megan, who became a permanent co-sponsor of the daytime show in October 2017, admitted that quitting the program was not an “easy decision”, but the coronavirus pandemic made her a life choice. Re-evaluated.

She states: “This was not an easy decision. It took a lot of thought, advice and prayer, we talked to family and close friends, and as you know, COVID changed the world of us all and it. At least for me, it changed the way I see life, the way I live, and the way I live. “

Insider later explained that Megan’s family commitment in Washington, DC was a major factor in her resignation decision.

Sources said: “ABC wanted to stay with her, but it was her decision for a good reason she said in a statement. She decided it was time to resign with her family.

“They wanted her to come back to the studio in New York, and in DC her family is there. Her mom is now a new ambassador. She’s in DC. Ben is at work. And there for his family — her in-law — there. Geography was a big part of it. ”

Meghan McCain proud to take risks | Celebrities

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